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  1. Rob Holmes

    Polycool or lishman pedestals?

    Polycool’s here and no issues, although I’ve not used the Lishman ones
  2. Rob Holmes

    Anyone dealt with Corner Bros. Newton Morrell?

    Seen a tractor advertised by them and I haven't heard of them before. Has anyone dealt with them before. Cheers
  3. Rob Holmes

    New Holland Cab Wiring for Mounted Two Way Radio’s

    Rear pillar next to door, there is a power stud where you can simply bolt a ring terminal to, the power lead is fused
  4. Rob Holmes

    New Holland Cab Wiring for Mounted Two Way Radio’s

    When I did ours last year, I mounted the 2 way in the slot next to radio. Then ran the fused positive and mounted it on the feed to the fuse board in cab pillar then found a good earth for the negative
  5. Rob Holmes

    Fitting a fire suppression kit on a combine?

    Has anyone done this? How much does it cost and does it get an insurance reduction?
  6. Rob Holmes

    CF Ince plant to close

    @Clive - TFF Fertilisers?
  7. Rob Holmes

    rea valley

    I would have thought Russell’s would have been a dead cert to take on Malpas
  8. Rob Holmes

    Which forage harvester for longest chop length?

    Cows are ruminants, the longer chop length allows them to ruminate for longer, i.e. getting more nutrient out of less grass/silage
  9. Rob Holmes

    rea valley

    Yes, they might even use Sudbury as JCB only.
  10. Rob Holmes

    rea valley

    Local rumours are they're taking on Case
  11. Rob Holmes

    rea valley

    I'd be surprised they go to NH with Russells just down the road pushing them out. Although I have heard rumours of a change with RVT
  12. Rob Holmes


    Have you tried Alkmonton Tractors @mengeleguru
  13. Rob Holmes

    Ex teat dip drum for silage additive?

    Would it be safe to use drum which previously had teat dip in them and use them for silage inoculant? I’m concerned that there maybe traces of iodine which wouldn’t be very helpful to the bacteria. They would be thoroughly steam cleaned out, would they be ok or am I asking for trouble?
  14. Rob Holmes

    T1 winter wheat

    Going with mine atm, crops looking clean 0.75 Myresa and 0.75 Syrex Thinking of going Univoq for T2
  15. Rob Holmes

    Fuel price tracker

    NWF Fuels rang me yesterday and quoted 95ppl for red
  16. Rob Holmes

    Machinery Student Cock Up!

    Not as bad as a student where I used to work, drained the oil out of the engine of a tractor then started it up to turn the wheels so he could get better access to filler
  17. Rob Holmes

    Massey 8240
  18. Rob Holmes

    Powdered silage inoculants

    We’ve just bought a forage wagon fitted with a powder additive applicator, and having a quick search online, I can only find a handful of powdered silage inoculants. Does this mean that powdered additives are inferior to liquid ones? Any recommendations for good powder inoculants. N.B...
  19. Rob Holmes

    Fuel price tracker

    Today, Certas 108, Peak Oil 104. 2500 litre Gas oil