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  1. Gong Farmer

    Personal VPN

    Anyone use them? Some good offers going around and the extra security makes sense but it's an up-front expenditure and it might mess up other stuff.
  2. Gong Farmer

    Christmas bubbles

    We plan to visit daughter #1 and family on 23rd Dec as that's granddaughter's birthday. Then have daughter #2 and family to Christmas dinner on 25th. That's our three. But in visiting daughter #1 we have 'trapped' her in our bubble so she can't then see hubby's parents over Christmas, for...
  3. Gong Farmer

    Land price - old orchards

    Apologies, not really ag related and I could find out but don't know where to look. We own 2.75 acres of mature cider orchard next to the Severn near Gloucester. We are in a legal 'discussion' with SIL who is contesting her mother's will, and reminds us how lucky we are to have this land (bought...
  4. Gong Farmer

    Metaldehyde staying

    According to e-mail. High Court overturned the ban. Not sure if this is good news or not.
  5. Gong Farmer

    Cornwall coast path sponsored walk - Emily Borton

    In September our own Emily Borton (@emily_borton) is taking part in a 75 mile walk along the Cornish Coast from Port Quin to St Ives, in aid of the The Eve Appeal, the Louise Hartley Memorial Fund, and close to all our hearts, the Rob Stephenson Trust. If anyone would like to support her...
  6. Gong Farmer

    Chlorothalonil withdrawal confirmed

    Withdrawn form sale Nov 20th 2019 Last use up May 20th 2020
  7. Gong Farmer

    Hereford and Telford NIAB TAG Field Days

    Short notice but we are holding a Field Day at our Hereford Centre this Wednesday (3rd) at 10 am (Monkhall Farm, Callow HR2 8DA). As these are new to that Centre they are open to all. It will last 90 mins-2 hours, involve a chat around a flipchart on current topics and a tour of relevant field...
  8. Gong Farmer

    Newton Abbot Open Day Tuesday June 5th

    NIAB TAG Open Day at trial centre near Kingsbridge 9.30 for 10.00 am Tuesday 5th June. Open to all, but please register with a couple of clicks: Cereal varieties, local fungicide programmes, spring cereals, oat management and other...
  9. Gong Farmer

    National parks - more? Not aware of what it means to farm in them. No indication here of likely areas but presumably convert some AONBs
  10. Gong Farmer

    Laser eye surgery

    Anyone had it/can recommend it? Wife's considering it but cost is phenomenal so can only afford one eye, but that may be enough. I've searched on here and found a couple of comments in other threads but hoping to get a broader view before committing. TIA
  11. Gong Farmer

    Croft, N Yorks Open Day

    June 29th. Free entry and open to all, registration essential though.
  12. Gong Farmer

    For those who don't like sprouts A new crop.
  13. Gong Farmer

    NIAB TAG OSR Open Evening Hereford

    Free, open to all but please register. Mostly OSR varieties ad agronomy but a few cereal demos thrown in
  14. Gong Farmer

    NIAB TAG Devon Open Day

    Near Kingsbridge, June 1st, free but registration essential. Lunch included.
  15. Gong Farmer

    Lost thread thread

    This place is getting so big it's difficult to find threads you know are in there somewhere. I try not to start new threads* so can anyone remember a 'stupid things you do' or 'Dohhh!' thread? *Dohhh!
  16. Gong Farmer

    Wind 2015

    This may have been mentioned before, but either I am the wind equivalent of Rob McKenna or it has been windy this year. All the time. No-one speaks of it, only mentioning rain, temperature etc but I would love to see some figures, if they exist, of average weekly or monthly wind speed for 2015...