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    Berthoud repair or new sprayer

    Going back to doing the spraying myself with my own equipment. My Berthoud Standard 12 needs work to pass it’s MOT, hopefully nothing too major, but should I bother with it, or just buy a new cheap brand? It has hydraulic boom height, and boom levelling, and quad nozzle holders, all of which I...
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    Moral of the story....

    If it aint broke, don’t fix, or never throw anything away. Kuhn 2135 had its first outing yesterday, has been in the workshop for the bearings in one of the net rollers to be replaced after one side lost its shield and kept grabbing and tearing the net the end of last season. Putting it all back...
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    Perkins lift pump filter

    Can I buy the gauze filter on it’s own? An internet search only shows a complete rebuild kit, which at £15 isn’t out of the way, but it seams a waste of the other parts. Mine got totally blocked which distorted the filter.
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    Free Trees for Wales

    Just heard on Radio2 that everyone in Wales is to be offered a free tree to plant in their own garden or they can donate it to a larger plantation, all in the name of the global warming job. The worrying bit was when the report said the planting would begin in March, surly that is the end of...
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    To worm or not to worm, the pig that is.

    My youngest daughter has a sow which is due to farrow with her third litter at the end of the year. The sow is outside from weaning her previous litter until a week before being brought in for farrowing again. She is on the same ground whilst outside. The question is, do we need to worm her as a...
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    Geronimo NVL

    Just read the results are in. After 4 years no sign of TB......
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    Non Standard Construction House

    Any thing to watch out for when buying a pre fab house? Late 60’s, early 70’s, probably ex council house. Daughter has put an offer in on the house, and when she showed me the details it said, ‘This property is modus construction pre fabricated house which has been skinned with brick and...
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    Puncture patch problems

    Why can I not get the backing off without damaging the patch?
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    Alvan Blanch Roller Mill Problems

    The rollers in my old Alvan Blanch mill / mixer have come to the end of their life and due to it’s age replacements are no longer available. Looking to fit an Alvan Blanch RV140 unit onto the existing mixer unit. Anyone using one of these units? Price of the unit? What power supply? I only have...
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    MF506 Ground Speed Variator problem

    As usual, last minute rush to service the old combine ready for a smooth harvest, only to have an issue with the ground speed variator. This will be my 3rd season with it and have suffered with belt slip for the last 2 harvests when trying to speed up, thought I had better sort it out. Both...
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    Herbal ley jungle

    Anyone else got a herbal ley that has romped away? An absolute nightmare to mow with the moco, may have to drag the 5’6” plain mower out of retirement at this rate. This is the lightest part of the crop.
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    Sick calves

    Really struggling to sort this out, vet bill of £700, 1 dead calf and no answers. Bought in as calves on milk, now weaned, 4mths old sudden loss of condition/weight, not eating, temp ok, no scours, tested negative for Bvd, coccidiosis and ecoli. Vet is out of ideas. Second calf from another...
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    Mid Tier evidence

    Started my revenue claim middle of April, looked at the list of evidence required, some was on request,whilst soil sample, nutrient plan etc to be sent in with the claim. Got back onto the claim today, only to see ALL the evidence required has moved to ‘on request’. Anyone else had this? Will...
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    Records at Parcel Level

    As above, what are people submitting to the RPA when asked for this when claiming for mid tier revenue. Am being asked for evidence that a field in GS4 has been cultivated in the last 5 years. Would a spray sheet and fert sheet from my agronomist be enough?
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    MF80 loader to fit 2WD MF575

    Looking for a tidy 80 loader, Bristol, Glos area, but willing to travel if needed.
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    Small bale straw and mice

    Does stacking small bale straw on it’s side really stop mice eating the strings? We don’t make many, but too many are being damaged by mice eating one string, don’t want to go to the effort of turning every bale for no reason.
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    MF 575 front tyre upgrade

    Straight to the point, will 900 x 16 tyres rub the kingpin housing? 7.50 x 16 at moment but want to fit a loader at a later date.
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    Something that works!

    Pictures say it all!
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    What does £5.5k buy in the backhoe department?