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  1. E_B

    Bought a FJD kit

    Back in the winter I bought a FJD RTK retro fit kit and finally got round to installing it recently. Got a chance to use it the other day drilling maize into rye stubble and it's awesome. Not really a GPS expert so wanted something simple and modular, no point paying for functions that I'm never...
  2. E_B

    Cover crop before DD maize?

    We might play about with a bit of direct drilled maize in the next year or two, using a Mzuri Pro Til going into cereal stubbles on for the most part very light land. Currently the fields in question tend to be based around an oats/maize rotation. Sometimes with wheat instead of one or the...
  3. E_B

    Bought a direct drill. Can you guess what sort?

    Well, despite my campaign for the purchase of direct drills to be grant funded due to environmental reasons falling on deaf ears (, we have taken the plunge and bought a direct drill...
  4. E_B

    Best wireless infrared cameras for fitting to a drill?

    I'm thinking of fitting cameras to a drill, one to show the rear coulters as they are obscured by the seed hopper. This is to show trash blockages and also to show if I'm about to back into anything! I would also like to fit one inside the seed hopper. I would like them to be wireless to save...
  5. E_B

    Dual wheels on a Hillmaster combine

    Assume this is a no no? Been experimenting with strip tillage this year and it's fairly clear that wheelings are an issue, would be nice to wap some duals on but I imagine this would be potentially damaging to the combine's JD Hillmaster system?
  6. E_B

    Weigh cells in seed hoppers

    I see now that you can have weigh cells in Great Plain Centurians and Kverneland U-Drills, but are DD manufacturers missing a trick by not having this as a more common feature? I know that for those with data mapping and everything else there is VRA, but surely a weigh cell in the hopper would...
  7. E_B

    Serbian Health & Safety for you...

  8. E_B

    Should the purchase of a new direct drill be grant funded?

    I say yes. What with the impetus in current CAP reform being the minimisation of soil erosion, should CSF offer some incentive to farmers currently operating an intensively tillaged system to adopt direct drilling? At least on a reasonable percentage of their farm. Afterall, if the BPS reform...
  9. E_B

    6 metre Mzuri Pro Til for 2015

    Was having a little look at Mzuri's smart new website and noticed in the brochure the confirmed spec for a Pro Til 6m. I personally think it's the best engineered drill of its type so I'm curious to see it as a 6 metre version, going to take some pulling up a hill! 4000 ltrs hopper, 32.6 cm row...
  10. E_B

    The soundtrack to your harvest in here

  11. E_B

    Which new product launch at Cereals 2014 interests you most?

    Just for a bit of fun, and to see what has caught the imagination of other forum users, which new products being displayed at Cereals this year are you most interested in having a look around? That doesn't mean that you are necessarily interested in purchasing them, but which has caught your...
  12. E_B

    Mowing grass 2013

    Was washing down the mower today as we haven't had a chance to since last year. Made me look forward to this forthcoming grass season, personally one of my favourite jobs. Thought I would throw these photos up on here as there's one particularly artsy shot with the sun beaming through the cab...