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    2021 Toyota Hilux

    just back from the Hilux '21 Press Launch...engine pushed out to 150kW and 500Nm...extra leaf in the rear suspension and much bigger bushes.. rides a lot better than the current version... TNZ have said that they've had a problem with the DPF.. It has now been reworked and new 5th injector...
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    Out trying the 2018 Toyota Prado and Hilux Gladiator in NZ

    just got back from testing the above in the South Island high country between Omarama and St Bathans. Over 200kms serious off road driving up to 4200 puncture and one Hi lux stuck in a deep rut... Great vehicles
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    Who will AGCO buy next

    Word on the street is that AGCO is about to announce another purchase.... maybe to fill the gap in its soil engaging/ cultivation lines. Anybody heard anything?
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    Fire at the McHale factory

    Large fire at the McHale factory in Ballirobe last night. Started in paint shop and spread....thankfully nobody hurt.