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  1. Grassman

    When a days fencing was nearly his last !

    So the gas didn't explode I'm assuming. So is it just a very high pressure in the pipe that caused the incident?
  2. Grassman

    The Hedge Cutting Thread

    Yes. It's a crazy job having a dangerous machine operating on a road and throwing debris out. I hate doing roads now. Little country lanes are ok but others are dodgy. The most risky is cutting the inside of a roadside hedge with debris going out on to the road. I doubt any other industry would...
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    The Hedge Cutting Thread

    Plenty big enough for most situations
  4. Grassman

    Farm digger uses

    Surprising how far you can travel in ten minutes with a tracked excavator.
  5. Grassman

    Fly strike 2022

    Just sheared our sheep today. At the weekend all looked good. Yesterday noticed one ewe twitching but shearing today so could wait. Found one with bad strike and a few that would of really been bad in a couple of days. Clean sheep as well. A bit of warmth and a few wet days really set the flies...
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    How dare you😃
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    Machinery operators beware!

    Yes I did the same but still hated it.😃
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    Electric trials bike

    Vertigo or beta 4t. Depends on what is available 😃
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    Electric trials bike

    We only child size ones. The electric trials bikes have improved dramatically in recent years. I did ride one in a trial a few years ago but wasn't keen but new ones are far better. In fact two are entered in the Scottish six days trial in May. This will be a very interesting test. As a farm...
  10. Grassman

    Useless, Worthless University Courses?

    My daughter went to university but commuted from home as near enough. She recons the course could of been completed in a quarter of the time but university is a lifestyle choice for most. I know of a few lecturers and they don't seem the sharpest tools in the box.
  11. Grassman

    Useless, Worthless University Courses?

    When I was at school only a handful of the very clever type went to university. Now it seems the whole system is devalued with courses to suit all and too many going on to get degrees. Technical college, apprenticeship, etc are far better for a lot.
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    Got to be in it to win it!

    Yes a lot will change very quickly
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    Got to be in it to win it!

    Oh and just to top it off a landlord served me notice of a rent review and said he would be wanting a substantial increase🙈
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    Got to be in it to win it!

    So many sectors of agriculture are really having it rough and there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily cereal growers have a decent price to cover the increases to a degree. But many others are seeing fertiliser, fuel, cereals, machinery, electricity, labour, etc...
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    Used to be said that a small amount added to a reservoir would kill everyone who drank from it. No idea if it's really that potent.
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    Rumenco factory burnt down

    Says in the above report that the factory is more or less totally destroyed
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    Rumenco factory burnt down
  18. Grassman

    Rumenco factory burnt down
  19. Grassman

    Rumenco factory burnt down

    Could create feed block supply problems.
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    Interesting result