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  1. Wendy10

    Standing Grass

    Anyone any idea on price for standing grass? Had fertilizer. Got someone interested but no idea on price.
  2. Wendy10


    So, following on from the item on Country file, ye I know but, according to the Scientist, cows produce so much more methane than humans because they have to digest all the vegetation in their diet. Does this mean when we all become vegans we will destroy the planet as we produce more methane...
  3. Wendy10

    Lost thread

    Really random I know, but a while back I was reading a thread about some guy being ill in bed and not helped by the baby not sleeping due to being constipated. Someone answered that his child (son I think) had suffered as a baby and this had lead to problems later on due to stretching the bowel...
  4. Wendy10

    Pink Ribbon Tractor Run. Llangyndeirn

    Anyone else there today? I thought it evoked everything that is good in the farming community. 138 tractors all dressed up with pink ribbons and more.
  5. Wendy10

    stopping at a chippy in tractor

    No axe to grind on this. Just read on fb. WARNING TO ALL TRACTOR DRIVERS..... Did you know it is against the law to stop in your tractor to get food or drinks!!! Ben Hoyles didn't until last Saturday n...ight. After a long day baling hay we stopped on our way home to get some well needed...
  6. Wendy10

    Mono pitch shed

    Quote please for 45 x 20. 10ft to lowest eave. Concrete panels and sheets to one side, one end. Box profile roof. Kit form delivered to West Wales.
  7. Wendy10

    Wanted Suzuki SJ

    As title. Wanted for spares or repairs
  8. Wendy10

    Welsh Water not for profit?

    We are trying to get a meter fitted at our new build. We have paid almost £1300. Just for them to connect us. We have to dig all the trenches, even out onto the road. Ok, done all that and inspector came out today to give the ok for the contractors to come and do the fitting. "You need a...
  9. Wendy10


    Just been diagnosed. Thought I had pulled a muscle in my back, painful to lean back when sitting, bad to lie in bed. When the pain started to radiate to the front though I had better get it checked out. Also itchy spot over ribs, which I thought was a gnat bit! Dr said classic symptoms. I look...
  10. Wendy10

    Llandovery Sale 19.05.19

    Large entry of Suckler cows and calves this month. 120! These include a proportion of our Spring calvers plus our Limousine stock bull.. The remainder of the Spring calvers will be sold in June. All Autumn calvers were sold in February and considering the age range, sold well.
  11. Wendy10

    Moving Home

    Is there anything more stressful? Add to that building that home. But we are in, nothing is finished fully, but I have a functioning kitchen, one finished bathroom, one partially and one along way to go. Now we have the battle with BT to look forward to. Changing to plus net, having a new line...
  12. Wendy10

    Pit silage

    Anyone know what sort of value there is on this. Say medium to good quality. Very much a hypothetical question. tia
  13. Wendy10

    Inappropriate use of cattle trailer

    I thought I would post a warning to anyone in the Carmarthen area about this issue. We were stopped by the police, full blues and two's, for using the cattle box to transport some solid drain pipes home. Granted they were sticking out quite a bit. But did the nice policeman really need to radio...
  14. Wendy10

    Garden Nighmares

    Watching this on catchup. It was the badgers that really caught my attention. That and the fact they could make the poor chap shift his garden yet nothing could be done about the tip? The Badger Chap really got my goat!
  15. Wendy10

    All Terrain Vehicles: Other - Logic 2000 Weed Wiper

    All Terrain Vehicles: Other - Logic 2000 Weed Wiper Category: All Terrain Vehicles Manufacturer: Other Price: £1750 Condition: Used Description: Logic 2000 Weed Wiper Very little use. Brushes as new. Complete with hand lance for spot spraying and hand book. Images: See the full size...
  16. Wendy10

    Open access Wales, part 2

    So the Welsh Assembly elections are done and dusted. what are we going to do about the above? Roll over and let it happen? I have never written to an MP, but am willing to give it a go. Labour said once the elections were finished they would implement it. If they do it will be a disaster. Can we...
  17. Wendy10

    Quiet wean nose flaps

    Has anyone else tried these? Can't recommend highly enough. No vested interest.
  18. Wendy10

    Left hand, right hand?

    On Tuesday I went on Rural payments Wales web site to see how our bps was progressing and found it was completed:) :) The money hit our bank account on Wednesday. Happy days. Today we got a letter explaining why we still hadn't had our bps??????????????????
  19. Wendy10

    What lengths will they will sink to?

    As above. saw this|FWFW|FWNEW-2015-0911 and thought the badgerists are getting really desperate. Good on the MD of M&S though. Although the sceptic in me thinks he may have been swayed by...
  20. Wendy10

    Bovivac for suckler cows

    As title. Does anyone use it and if you do, have you seen benefits? We had a bad time calving last year. Losing calves to scours etc. Never had a problem before. On vets advice we did the spring calvers with BVD vaccine, but as Winter ones were already in calf we left them. They start calving...