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  1. Gong Farmer

    Chopping or dropping

    Need to do the P&K balance sheet, work out how much P&K is removed in baled straw and compare its value to bought-in replacement fertiliser. I'll stop there, been lambasted by straw merchants too often in the past.
  2. Gong Farmer

    Vegan Cafe changes menu

    Or maybe a Government sock puppet......
  3. Gong Farmer

    Vegan Cafe changes menu

    A bit sweeping to suggest the only alternative to vegan is McDonalds. I think I'd rather starve.
  4. Gong Farmer

    Summer Solstice

    Nights start drawing in now. :(
  5. Gong Farmer

    In what way is this NOT ridiculous...?

    Of course a man can get pregnant - if he was previously a woman but decided to re-identify herself. The staff in this case were just checking if he was or wasn't trans.
  6. Gong Farmer

    Luximo new grass weed herbicide

    Forgive my OAP's cynicism, but a weed that has the potential to make arable farming unsustainable can be (partially) controlled by a chemical that has the potential to make arable farming unsustainable.
  7. Gong Farmer

    Luximo new grass weed herbicide

    You don't say. :rolleyes:
  8. Gong Farmer

    Govt Ethics adviser resigns

    Indeed, he though probably resigned because he had nothing to do.
  9. Gong Farmer

    Luximo new grass weed herbicide

    If you need to ask the price, you can't afford it.
  10. Gong Farmer

    Record harvest?

    John Fielding?
  11. Gong Farmer

    Record harvest?

    I tried once, planted some 7 inch and 12 inch vinyls but they didn't even emerge, let alone make it to the combine.
  12. Gong Farmer


    Best not to look.
  13. Gong Farmer

    The vegan nutters are going to blockade milk tankers now.

    If their propaganda on sheep shearing is anything to go by, they probably think we get milk from cows by slitting them open with a cutlass.
  14. Gong Farmer

    A303 Salisbury plain

    From my occasionally involvement with chalk farmers I know there has been more than one who decided that, since soil comes from erosion of the bedrock, ploughing up the chalk would eventually make more soil. I expect they're still waiting.
  15. Gong Farmer

    Chemical Price Tracker

    If preceded by two more (well timed) applications of CTL, that's all you needed.
  16. Gong Farmer

    Disease identification for newcomers to arable.

    BYDV or transient stress, neither of which you can do anything about.
  17. Gong Farmer

    Jeremy Clarkson “Farming Sunday Times”5-6-2022

    When me and some mates visited the Strawberry Bank pub in Cumbria, we decided that was also rhyming slang for it.
  18. Gong Farmer

    Solar panel cleaning

    Snow. Best panel cleaner available.
  19. Gong Farmer

    T3 Earwash

    Spec wt relies on grain filling from the flag leaf, so depends on how heavy you went at T2 more than what goes on at T3 (unless T3 is aimed at further flag leaf coverage)