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    Xbox external hdd

    Hello Son has an Xbox one, he's got a game pass which means he can download games etc. He's now asking for an external hard drive to store more games on. Can we get a standard external one or does it need to be specifically for an xbox. If anyone has one they have bought could you post a...
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    Defender chassis

    After some opinions, my 1998 defender 110 300 tdi went for mot today and I knew I was gonna be pushing it with chassis rot on the rear cross member. Me and my wife was hoping to get another year or so before we swapped the chassis. I’ve spoken to one garage who said when they change them it’s...
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    Having had various pcs Over the years. Been trying to sort out photos that we have taken. Got most on a hard drive or various cds is there any software that could pull them all together in one place and chuck out duplicates and arrange them in date order or something. Will take a month of...
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    Windows 10 software

    About to build myself a new desktop pc, been using laptops for last few years but fancy something I can upgrade easy and not have all the preloaded shite on it. Last time I built a pc was pre having the internet at home so you could “just borrow a windows cd” but not the done thing these days...
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    Welly’s for milking

    My wife is after some new wellies for milking. Milking is around 5 1/2 hours so need to be lightweight and steel toe cap. She currently has these...
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    Blue foam parlour matting

    Please quote me for approx 25m2 of blue foam parlour matting. Parlour is approx 2.4m x 11m. Delivered to Dorchester.
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    Livestock hauliers

    Had Martyn Baker livestock hauliers in today to move all the cows at work,down to Exeter for the sale tomorrow. What a professional outfit, three lorry’s in showroom condition. Calm with cows and had them loaded in a short space of time. Highly recommended.
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    Looking For Work Tmr / dairy stock person looking for work.

    Found a position now.
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    Whatever next What will they come up with next
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    Driving through the Peak District

    Just a quick done driving through the Peak District today on way to Alton towers after visiting family in Sheffield. Been lovely to see some fine looking amazing animals grazing in picturesque stone walled paddocks. With tidy farms and buildings to go along side! Credit to all farmers and...
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    Kuhn tmr feeder with straw blower

    Has anyone used the above, is it a compromise on both or a really good idea for the smaller farm[emoji106]. Basically where I work we have 200 cows on cubicles with 50 on loose housing and then 130 followers up the road on loose housing. Would be a lot easier to do the feeding, drop the box...
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    Defender 110

    As you can see one of the body mounts to chassis crossmember has suffered from a bit of tin worm, anyone replaced this have any tips or where best to buy a replacement section. I know a lot will say bloody land rovers renowned for rust etc, but to me and the wife it’s a labour of love.
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    Dab radio new tractor

    Hello all first time poster here. Got a new case maxxum 150 multicontroller at work this week. Got a dab radio and aerial, ive placed the aerial on the roof next to the roof window. The aerial is mounted on a small plate which is screwed to the rood using the roof screw. and run a power lead...