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    Pre Calver blocks/licks

    Anyone use them? Trying to keep pre calvers on a simple system and thought the blocks would work quite well, anyone had experience with them?
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    Clover failure

    Seeded a field with a irg, crimson clover mix early may, it germinated brilliantly, the clover especially, conditions have been perfect, but it now appears that the clover part of the mix has died/withered away and pretty much disappeared. Any ideas what could of happened?
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    Solar switch

    Just wondering if it's possible to make use of any excess solar energy to heat the hot water for the dairy in the daytime, could do with it kicking the element in when we are producing enough power rather than it going in the grid. The boiler is about 100 metres away from the meter.
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    Which tyres?

    Which tyres would people have preference for making the least mess on soft grassland? 600/65r38 or 580/70r38? Or naff all difference between the 2?
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    Failing spring barley

    My spring barley hasn't quite had the start I was expecting due to a lot of rain slowing it down and the crows have had a good feed on the slower germinating stuff, it was destined for wholecrop anyway, what could I broadcast on to fill the gaps? If anything? Thanks
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    Case Mx 150/170

    After something clean and tidy without ridiculous hours. Thanks
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    Parlour building width

    Got a new shed to go up which will house a 50 degree herringbone parlour, cows will do a U turn after the parlour and back down on themselves (not ideal I know but I really haven't got much choice) through a return race with footbath etc and seg gate. How wide do I need the shed? Thanks
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    Nutrient requirements- spring oats

    Have a new to me field which I may put spring oats in for wholecrop, soil analysis has come back showing its very hungry ground with indexes at 0, pH is fine, what fertiliser should I use? Thanks
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    Triticale seed

    Does anyone know where I'll find triticale seed? Plan on putting it in for wholecrop and then getting hold of a forager with a stripper header for harvest? People usually slate triticale for the high straw to grain ratio making it a bit bland and not milky enough for a dairy ration but with a...
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    Trimble 750 - amazone amaset

    Hi, Recently purchased a new to me amazone sprayer with an amaset control box for section control etc, is it easy to link it to my Trimble 750 for coverage/section control?
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    12/15 metre sprayer preferably 1000 litre +

    Looking for a sprayer with test obit, nothing to old or shabby. Thanks
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    Lime spreader

    After a decent lime spreader, krm/agrispread type. Thanks
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    New Holland intelisteer wandering

    Got a t7 autopilot on egnos, signal is perfect but on autosteer it will be fine and then all of a sudden it will start twitching and wander off line, messed around with aggressivness but is there something else I can alter? It always used to be perfect
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    Trimble 750 weave

    Running a 750 through NH autosteer on egnos and when I'm spraying at 5kph it's perfect, however it seems to develop a weave when fertilising at 12kph,. What needs tweaking to make it behave? Thanks
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    Plate meter

    Anybody got a plate meter that's no longer needed?
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    Anyone thinking of selling a quickfencer let me know, thanks