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  1. Shutesy

    Performance of top of the range combines in winter barley and rape.with a 12mtr header

    I'll let you know when we get going, damp crops with thick straw slowed us down in wheat last year. And tbh it was 11 months ago and I can't remember what speeds we were doing in w barley and rape, often depended on the crop. Thin short rape I was doing 9kph I do remember. W OSR, W and S Barley...
  2. Shutesy

    farming knowledge gone.

    Even a younger guy jumping on 1 machine with a gps system in a fleet of a other few machines without might take a while to remember how it all works properly. We have 5 machines all with the same JD greenstar system on them so once you know how it works it's the same a d 2nd nature whatever...
  3. Shutesy

    farming knowledge gone.

    Yes fully agree no doubt tech is taking over from certain skills, it often makes life easier as a result but then also makes it more accurate, efficient or faster which is usually always a benefit whether in ag or other industries.
  4. Shutesy

    farming knowledge gone.

    Without gps you do have to just manage as best you can but running our own farms and contracting for multiple other farmers we cant afford to waste time loosing our way in dusty or dark conditions or doing a poor job having misses, wobbles, double drilled bits etc.
  5. Shutesy

    Polycool or lishman pedestals?

    The robustness is the main reason, I think they are actually more expensive than the metal ones but when you have to keep replacing bent metal ones the plastic ones are better value. We use them quite spaced out in grain that's at least 3.5m deep so I would say you'd be fine with those...
  6. Shutesy

    farming knowledge gone.

    Rubbish, bet most youngsters given the time to learn without GPS could get to driving straight to a good standard. Flipping the argument, using a modern GPS system and/or a digital farm/field mangement system is a whole new skill set and I bet your older friend might struggle to pick that up...
  7. Shutesy

    Should I swap these tyres around?

    You've put the same picture up twice.
  8. Shutesy

    John Deere X9 1100

    Also when we had our post harvest feedback meeting with JD the driver of the 1100 that's in our area never really mentioned a noticeable lack of power and they were running a 13.5m header and chopping straw at times.
  9. Shutesy

    John Deere X9 1100

    While that is what happens in dry, easy to thresh crops. Last harvest there wasn't much of them about. Grey, drizzly mornings and damp crops. When we compared combines the moisture was around 17-18% and he was using all his engine power like I was.
  10. Shutesy

    Polycool or lishman pedestals?

    We have both, much prefer the Polycool ones. More robust vs a telehandler bucket and seem to do a perfectly good job of cooling (y)
  11. Shutesy

    farming knowledge gone.

    I'm sure most could learn it, if for instance no GPS was available worldwide for some reason. I'm 32, use GPS for nearly every task now on a tractor but grew up drilling, ploughing etc with no GPS at all and I know which method I would rather have nowadays. Many farmers still scoff at GPS...
  12. Shutesy

    John Deere X9 1100

    Our 1000 has only 630hp, whilst I would like more as it's normally engine power I'm limited by, in a comparison with a neighbours 8900 with a 13.5m header last harvest in similar wheat crops, both dropping the straw we were doing the same forward speeds us only having a 12m header. So he was...
  13. Shutesy

    New toy day

    JD and Claas do now make there own versions of Macdons/Honeybee type headers.
  14. Shutesy

    Sumo DTS drill. Opinions please
  15. Shutesy

    I pad suction mount for tractor glass.

    RAM mount to a rail or bolted to cab frame. Don't bother with suction mounts anymore they always fall off at somepoint.
  16. Shutesy

    Yorkshire Couple Farm Split?

    Moderators are volunteers, all with jobs of there own, we're not sitting around watching threads continously waiting for the exact momment we think it should be closed. It was probably closed at the point one of us got online and saw the reports and caught up with the threads content. And now...
  17. Shutesy

    John deere 456a workshop manual

    Pretty sure ours has a service manual specific to the baler. Could try and find it if needed?
  18. Shutesy


    I would say check the topper is actually cutting 2.75m and is dead centre behind the tractor, for SF1 I would run it at about 2.65m max.
  19. Shutesy


    The TCM calibration is for the dome to learn where it is on the tractor basically. Each time you move a dome between machines you should do a TCM calibration, new tractor or not.
  20. Shutesy

    Hay making 2022

    Yep, baled the first 2 acres yday, next 5 acres either today or tomorrow, next 12 acres would bale monday/Tuesday but rain on Sunday looks like it might be a pain. Haven't dropped anymore due to that rain but will probably mow the next bits Monday hopefully. Pretty thin crops so far!