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  1. WillFarmkit

    Best ag shows for machinery

    Hello, Planning ahead for the rest of the year and would appreciate advice on best ag shows to visit around the country. I manage (online machinery auction site) and am keen to get to "proper" ag shows with machinery dealer presence over the course of the year and speak to farmers...
  2. WillFarmkit

    Buying on

    If you're looking for stuff then worth trying - we hold weekly auctions and unlike ebay all sellers / lots are checked out before approval for auction (rejected half a dozen tractors submitted by obvious scammers so far this year). Free to bid -Call or email with any questions...
  3. WillFarmkit

    If you're looking to sell kit then might be worth trying It's free to list lots in our regular weekly auctions on a no sale, no fee basis - just 2.5% commission on sales. Always happy to answer any questions - 07710270520 / 01629735709 / [email protected] Cheers, Will