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  1. Longlowdog

    I thought I'd seen it all, hay making Montana style.

  2. Longlowdog

    My vet unable to obtain P.M.S.G.

    I had a call from my vet this morning saying they were unable to obtain Intervet PMSG for this years A.I season, however I was offered Stimovar. Just a wee heads up to get your plans and supplies in order lads and bonny lassies. I believe from a quick Google that Stimovar is also PMSG but with...
  3. Longlowdog

    Claas 44s Netwrap blade sharpening?

    Basically how do I access the blades? If I can get to them I've all sorts of tools for sharpening but the book (or the one I've got anyway) doesn't give any indication of how to reach, remove or replace. I can see the crusty bandsaw looking blade beneath the final net roller but do I dismantle...
  4. Longlowdog

    Another Class 44 baler question, or two (maybe not the last).

    The baler as dropped in my shed for a tidy up and a new chain and tensioner tube (218 quid inc vat, 75 quid for the tube alone) has two hydraulic pipes, a D socket and a road light socket. It has the factory net wrap. Should there be an in-cab control box, if not how is is bale wrapping...
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    Pressure washing a baler, bad idea, good idea,???

    My friend has just bought an older Class 44s baler that the previous owner appears to have lube'd with old motor oil. He wants me to give it a bit of a service and a look over in exchange for the use of said baler. The inside of the side doors and all chains, gears etc are coated in a grease...
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    Poor Russell is the victim? Really? 'No-one blames Russell' some pr*ck has been quoted as saying.
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    Sheep sponges without P.M.S.G. ?

    I'm planning on running a tup with my Beltex on 25th October after sponging. This late in the year will I need P.M.S.G. Last year at the same time I used 1.4ml and ended up with too many triplets hence I'm wondering if it is more trouble than it's worth?
  8. Longlowdog

    Another BBC article Biased against farming.

    Surely the whole concept of modern payments is to permit the base price of foods to remain low before countless middlemen put their margin on it? Quite simply how much would the price of food at farm gate have to rise in order to offset the contribution made by payments...
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    Coleman's brilliant mint sauce advert.

    'if it is pasture reared, locally sourced British lamb with fewer miles we're all over it' Not only a brilliant play on words but a resoundingly positive advert that is part of their Back British' initiative. Good on them.
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    Thank you to the creators of T.F.F V2

    As much as a technophobe and as entrenched in my views as I am I appreciate that if this forum is to remain a significant part of my online fun it has to operate without undue hassle for it creators in order for the reward to justify the effort. If it has to change appearance/function then so...
  11. Longlowdog

    Fibromyalgia, how do you cope?

    To my eternal shame I have been off work at my day job for 7 weeks. Constant pain over the whole of my back, chest pains and shortness of breath with occasional pins and needles in my arms and legs. The doctor began with a diagnosis of costochondritis thinking it was viral but has now told me he...
  12. Longlowdog

    Window of opportunity for fostering a lamb to a ewe?

    Ewe with loads of milk lost a massive single. How long do I have for a wet foster before it becomes a restrained ewe situation?
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    A poke in the eye for vegans Crimbo Charts No1.

    Christmas number 1 no joke.
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    Halfords Advance 200pc socket and spanner set.$ja=tsid:35582|cid:70124389|agid:658104577...
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    P.M.S.G situation this year?

    After all the scare stories last year, what's the story this year? Is P.M.S.G readily available?
  16. Longlowdog

    No trim feet and fly strike.

    I have been trying to get onboard with this no trim sheep feet idea, I really have. I haven't trimmed a foot since last October in my ewes. Tomorrow I'm trimming the lot. I have never had so many cases of maggots in the 'armpits' of my sheep as this year. My ewes are never usually an issue with...
  17. Longlowdog

    Pleasant visit from Council.

    I had a visit from Aberdeenshire County Coucil Food Hygiene Dep't today. It lasted under an hour including a cuppa and a blether. The young lass was polite, informative and knowledgeable. I just thought that it was appropriate to give a wee bit of praise to a department that takes a bit of stick...
  18. Longlowdog

    Tup with cauliflower ear.

    I have a tup lamb who must have taken a bash to the ear, It has blown up. Is there anything I or my vet can do to bring the swelling (presumably blood filled) down to make him more comfortable. Would a dose of antibiotics be appropriate? As an aside, would a crinkled lug put you off buying an...
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    Vet's advice saving me a few quid.

    Until this year my vet has given me Draxxin or Zactran to administer myself or came out and given Mycotil for mastitis in ewes. This year however I was advised to give a dose of Oxytet' L.A and two days later repeat the same size of dose. It works. I haven't had to treat a 'black bag' but hot...
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    Transporting sheep more than 40 miles, Cert' of Comp'?

    I've just had a renewal form for self hauling sheep over 40 miles. Apparently I now need a Lantra Sheep Handling Competency Certificate Level 2. Has anyone done it in Scotland, who with and what did it cost/involve? Any info' or thoughts appreciated. I only haul over 40 miles once a year to the...