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    Diesel generators

    Has anybody sourced a diesel standby generator recently looking for around 100kva
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    I'm not sure as dairy farmers we work as hard as we think

    Today we finished putting up a concrete slurry store. For the last month I have had a glimpse of the life of a construction worker. So after bank holiday Monday they got into the car at 3 am Tuesday morning and arrived on site at 9. They then worked from 7.30 till 5 every day until following...
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    Red tractor warning.

    Just a note of caution. I have just failed and my inspector is currently failing over 50% of his visits. It turns out that once a seal is broken on antibiotic it is out of date within 28 days. So medicine book checked for first use of batch number and if more than 28 days ago bottle shouldn't...
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    Perhaps we deserve everything the EA throws at us

    We really are our own worst enemy sometimes. I have just heard of an umbilical running until 4 am this morning so they could get as much slurry out as possible before todays torrential rain hits.
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    Slurry tanker scraper

    Anybody using one or made there own version.
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    Are wind turbines an option again

    Sorry spend most of my time in the dairy thread. Question is are onshore wind turbines an option again. We have the site and may also have the three phase soon and 24p per unit males other options interesting
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    So does nitrogen need to be included in our carbon fottprint

    Well every other bigger under the sun seems to be buying the co2 by product storing food killing pigs and putting bubbles in drinks but we have to account for it when we buy the fertiliser.
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    Scraping a channel

    Yet me again with slurry. Plans are coming together. sticking with sand. Slurry system first then new cow housing. This means separator is sited for new shed not old. Which means for 3-5 years slurry has to be got to the separator 85 metres away. First plan 3 m track scrape slurry out track...
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    Low ammonia emission flooring

    Does anybody know anything about this. It's AQ2 on the new capital grant scheme for air quality at £72 metre up to I believe 60k
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    Green bedding

    Think this may be the direction I head in a new shed. Are any members using it. Is anybody using it as deep bedding or a topping for mats. It's getting to the point I may have to get in the car and start seeing these things in practice.
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    Grazing standing hay

    What are fellow autumn calvers doing. I grazed all my potential standing hay in the grazing round. I now have a chunk of surplus grass turning up for dry cows after the rain but it is going to be much leafier and lush than normal. Do other people have this problem and how are they going to...
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    New Holland T7 automatic handbrake

    When mowing last week our T7 210 threw up a stop error. Turns out the hanbrake temp sensor must have gone registering 100 degrees. Been fine rest of the week on trailers and tanking. Cant replace sensor. New handbrake unit £1572 plus fitting Any suggestions quite fancy getting my hands on a...
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    What to do with empty heifers

    What do fellow block calvers do with there empty heifers. I have 7 out of 94. In the past we have run two groups and just carried them over. I would expect most of them to still get in calf. I expect half of them did and then lost the embryo too late to try again. So I would normally have sold...
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    Milking times split

    Getting back to all Autumn calving. Like to be reasonably Lazy and our milking time split is 5 and 3 so 10:14 hours. This works fine. With cows now averaging over 9000 a cow it might be pushing it but not planning on evening it up any more. However do people change the split as yields drop off...
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    How late can you still be an Autumn calver

    I know most of you Autumn calving are well into it and I don't officially start for over a week but do any of you start late sep early october. I am seriously considering moving calving back to 20 sep or later. I do have this nasty habbit of wanting them to milk well from when they calve and...
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    What to do with italian

    Love it early on hate it later. 5 weeks after third cut its just seed heads and a bit of green in bottom and sHort of N. Do I cut it and put my strong glasses on to find the swath and then fert and get a fifth. Or now its rained can I apply more N and hope the bottom grows again and then cut in...
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    Water resevoir for dairy

    Looking at upgrading our water system. Currently have old milk tanker on legs 25 foot in air. Looking at going to pressurised system. Probaly need about 30 cu m of storage. Thinking of galvanised ring tank and liner. Any other suggestions.
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    Medina milk price

    See the nfu giving medina a hard time in Fw for changing from their basket pricing. What do the nfu actually want to achieve. I presume medina had arla in the basket and just couldnt live with it. So what are the commercial alternatives. They could stick with basket and go bust or adjust...
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    Sow thistles

    I think it was last years spring damage but i have great crops of sow thistles. Too many for the shovel. Any suggestions? Current plan squirt of roundup in each ones centre.
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    Self feed dry cows

    Looking at a potentially different possibility next winter and self feed dry cows might be an option. Does it work for spring calving cows and what do I need to put in the pit to stop them getting too fat. They wouldnt calve self feed which would reduce the milk fever issue.