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  1. Farmerpickle

    Putting net into Welger RP 202

    I am putting net wrap into a RP 202 for the first time. I wanted to know how you pull the net through the rubber rollers. Any tips? I've seen this video several times, but it didn't seem to answer my question. Many thanks.
  2. Farmerpickle

    Tractor 3 pin plug

    I'm fitting one of these on my tractors for a round baler. Do you know what size cable I should be using. I would be grateful for a link to the correct cable. Thank you.
  3. Farmerpickle

    IH B275 hydraulics leaking

    After about 4-5 years I used the hydraulics for the first time on an IH b275. Since using them oil keeps leaking out of the top cover where the top lift arms are. What could this be? Are there any seals? Many thanks.
  4. Farmerpickle

    Killing off docks

    I have made the mistake of spreading horse dung, that was riddled with docks, in one of my fields. What would you suggest is the best way to kill them off? I would like to keep it as grass for hay.
  5. Farmerpickle

    How far in advance should you plough to plant barley

    Just wondered how long you suggest you should leave a field alone after it has been ploughed before you cultivate it and put the barley in the ground. Many thanks.
  6. Farmerpickle

    Massey Ferguson 590 starting probem

    I have a Massey Ferguson 590 that turns over for a while before it starts when it is cold. What could this be? Injectors? Or is there a excess fuel button that a don't know about? There is no glowplugs. Many thanks.
  7. Farmerpickle

    What would you value this at?

    Hi, Just wanted to know what you think of the condition of this combine and what you think of the price? Thanks...
  8. Farmerpickle

    Round Bale Netwrap

    Does anybody have any recommendations for round bale netwrap or are they all the same? Is this any better than the others? Many Thanks.
  9. Farmerpickle

    Welger RP 202 vs Vicon RF 125

    Are the Welger RP 202 balers any good?
  10. Farmerpickle

    Ransomes TS 59 Cross shaft

    Evening all, I have two questions about a TS 59 cross shaft. The first question is what make and model of milling machine do you recommend for cutting keyways in cross shafts as I'm very keen to buy my own? The second question is for normal 10" ploughing (both legs on the inside of the...
  11. Farmerpickle

    Ransome YL 183 bolts

    Good evening, Would any of you know where I would be able to source some of these single knib bolts for the front of the board on a genuine YL 183 Kristeel mouldboard? Also what size should they be?
  12. Farmerpickle

    Old seed drills

    I'm asking out of interest, is there anybody out there still drilling barley, wheat and suchlike with vintage kit? For example: Massey Ferguson 135 & Massey Ferguson 30 seed drill. If so how many acres do you do? Kind Regards.
  13. Farmerpickle

    Vicon RF125

    Are the Vicon RF 125 balers any good or is the RF 2235 a better baler?
  14. Farmerpickle

    Nickerson barley seeds

    Good evening, My seed supplier has recently retired. He used to sell me Nickerson barley seed at a really good price. Do any of you have any recommendations of anybody that sells Nickerson seeds? I would rather get it off someone who specialises in seeds rather than go to somebody big! Do the...
  15. Farmerpickle

    Sowing Barley

    Afternoon all, I just asking out of curiosity do any of you or know of anybody that sows their barley seeds with a fertiliser spreader?
  16. Farmerpickle

    Barley Crimper

    Hello All, My local grain crimper has just phoned me and told me he has decided to retire. I have decided to buy my own crimper. Do any of you have any recommendations on what crimper I should get? I get crimped around 300 -400 tonnes of barley a year therefore, I would like to get a machine...
  17. Farmerpickle

    Best 160 hp tractor Massey Ferguson 6480 vs Deutz M420

    Good evening all, I’m currently contemplating what to get as a 160 hp tractor with 50 kph and pre Adblue. I’m looking at a Massey Ferguson 6480 or a Deutz M420. I know they are getting around 8-10 years old now, but I will only be looking at low hour and very well looked after ones. Do you have...
  18. Farmerpickle

    Claas Dominator 76 vs Dominator 86

    I've narrowed down what combine should replace my Bonhill E514. It has come down to the Claas Dominator 76 and Dominator 86. Thank you for all of your comments.
  19. Farmerpickle

    IH b250 tractor value

    Evening all, What price would you put on an International b250 with good tyres, recently done paint job and very tidy looking, but possibly needing new rings and fuel pump seals doing?
  20. Farmerpickle

    Combine for 50 - 70 acres of barley a year

    I'm currently looking to upgrade my Bonhill E514. What is a good choice? I have owned her for seven years and it's now getting a little much for the old girl. She cuts around 50 - 70 acres or barley in August - September. I was thinking something along the lines of a Claas Dominator. Possibly a...