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  1. Cornish Rattler

    New landy parking spot

    Hi guys Over the weekend we stoned all the back where the garage is and gave the landy a new parking spot when the garage is being used
  2. Cornish Rattler

    Ready for Billing 2022

    Hi guys Ready for the Billing land rover show in June 😀
  3. Cornish Rattler

    S.O.S ( Side On Sunday )

    Hi guys Any vehicle here's mine
  4. Cornish Rattler

    Making a cooking and camping storage area in the back of my landy Take 2

    Hi guys Well having a really good think we have decided to remove the MDF and re-do it all in plywood as we got thinking about screwing stuff like my metal detectors and stuff to the MDF may not stay on or come loose so have decoded to remove the MDF and re-do it in plywood boards ☹️
  5. Cornish Rattler

    Making a cooking / camping area in the back of my landy

    Hi guys Me and son yesterday made a start on making a camping storage / cooking area in the rear of my 2a 88" landy ( roof tent fitted ) we have made it with a battery compartment to house x2 100amp leasure batteries with a lift up lid for easy access and will also house the spare wheel which...
  6. Cornish Rattler

    Its Windy out there

    Hi guys So goes to bring the bins in ( wheelie bins ) and found a mud flap on the floor behind the landy 🙈 So has anyone else lost anything through all this wind
  7. Cornish Rattler

    Static Arc mig / stick welder

    Hi guys I've just bought this welder off ebay so just tried it out on some scrap steel, what do you think as i've never welded before
  8. Cornish Rattler

    Milwaukee Trueview M18 work inspection light ?

    Hi guys I've been looking at this light for my collection of milwaukee tools for a while now i like the fact it has 2x hooks as old land rovers have ally body's so a magnetic light wouldn't stick and it would stand up quite well on an M18 battery when using it on doing a job. Has anyone got one...
  9. Cornish Rattler

    New Landy Dog

    Hi guys An English Bull Terrier that we collect from the breader not this Friday but next Friday from Scotland, no name yet but have plenty of time before we collect him to pick one, can't wait 😁 Pic's from the breader
  10. Cornish Rattler

    Love a good punch up me

    Hi guys If this needs moving its ok
  11. Cornish Rattler

    Out playing in the snow today

    Hi guys Me and son went playing in the snow today in Buxton in both our landy's 🙂
  12. Cornish Rattler

    Mazda RX8 seats in a Land Rover

    Hi guys This is something i've wanted to do for a bit but wasn't sure if they would fit and still don't really but after a couple of runs out recently i've notice my drivers seat is starting to get uncumfy and so has the passanger seat as well even though they was restored during the rebuild...
  13. Cornish Rattler

    Fitted a Snorkel

    Hi guys I finally got round to fitting my snorkel to my Land Rover 2a, its something i didn't really want to do as i don't use the landy off road but i nu the engine was sucking in warm / hot air all the time so decided to fit one which should make it run better 😀
  14. Cornish Rattler

    RTT ( roof top tent ) on my 2a

    Hi guys I've only gone and done it bought an Adventurer 2 RTT from direct 4x4 and a set of roof bars from ebay and should be here this week 😀😀
  15. Cornish Rattler


    Hi guys I've recently cashed in my savings plan at work and amongst other things i plan to buy a Roamerdrive unit for my land rover 2a and just woundered if anyone else on here has one and what are they like to fit 😁
  16. Cornish Rattler

    60th Birthday yesterday

    Hi guys As the title says
  17. Cornish Rattler

    It goes like stink now

    Hi guys Today I fitted a boost pin / ring pin to my S2a 200tdi ( 300tdi FIP ) that I bought from the recent Billing show :p
  18. Cornish Rattler

    Billing Off Road Show 2021 ( farm )

    Hi guys Anyone on here going. me, son and a couple of mates are going can't wait now :D
  19. Cornish Rattler

    Zeus disc brake conversion ( land rover S2a )

    Hi guys A few months ago I decided to fit a Zeus front disc brake conversion kit on my land rover series 2a as I was fed up with fitting unreliable aftermarket and quality parts and as I was really impressed with them I have now decided to fit a Zeus rear disc brake conversion kit which I have...