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  1. shakerator

    Late Nitrogen for protein and lodging

    I have some tallish wheat which probably has a lodging risk if we were to get a windy storm early July (despite strong pgr- v fertile ground) It probably wants more soluble N to achieve milling spec. I don’t have facilities for foliar treatment….my question is do I risk increasing biomass /...
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    Back to minimum tillage ?

    Hyper - Drain wet soils / low spots , like a football pitch
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    anyone with any open market linseed prices?
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    By selling something and pricing it up I am going long GBP, something which can be diluted at the stroke of a keyboard ...
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    £200/t wheat ...

    Wonder what next RPI CPI figures will be !
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Are they producing the nitrogen or just the co2 and ammonia to sell on the market ?
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    is it worth it

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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Seems all the talk is on short term impact of c02 and not medium term impacts of N? Interesting that the talk is of “seeking alternative sources of c02” - implied death of U.K. N manufacturing ?
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    £200/t wheat ...

    Buys you less than £140/t wheat 2 years ago .... Official inflation 2.8% Discuss
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    Wheat blend problem

    What spring herbicides used ?
  11. shakerator

    Autumn manure banned

    A good crop will probably be enough to raise suspicion in a few years
  12. shakerator

    Drying corn on aerated floor anyone?

    Surely every case varies with the parameters of air flow , depth, heat, extraction, frequency of stirring ——-many many permutations ? I would like to see your thesis as always keen to learn !
  13. shakerator

    Hot barley

    take a sample and work out proportion of trit @ 40% and work out a weighted average with the barley at 13% to give you an equilibrium. Clearly the heat will attract pests, however 13% barley will absorb some heat and moisture it will cool down after equilibrium but damage depends on length of...
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    Companions for planting OSR

    Feel like we have viable rape crops by the skin of our teeth this year The larvae would have been a major concern despite lack of adult damage , as crops had perfect wet start .....but had it not been for coldish jan- March , and kind growy May we would still be in trouble imv
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    Revystar Experience

    big farma
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    Revystar Experience

    I dislike relying on silver bullets as much as anyone - but the are they cheaper than addressing the root causes of many problems ?
  17. shakerator

    Revystar Experience

    why do you think it’s ending ? In my view it’s just changing away from post patent products / imported produce from less regulated origins doesn’t look as though our government is interested in the Swiss model of subsiding food quality ?
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    Combining flat winter linseed - any tips

    Was reglone used by winter linseed growers before its ban ?
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    full clay drainage systems at 5m spacing alike a football pitch , at a cost just exceeding the land itself:p
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Pool = moral hazard