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  1. Obi Wan

    Landlord is selling up, any advice on possible investors to buy them out?

    They'll be putting it on the market later this summer, Scottish Highlands, 17th century castle with walled garden, wooded driveway and lodge house. Farm has two houses and sufficient buildings and infrastructure to run 120 suckers, there's 350ac of good ground that's in rotation between grass...
  2. Obi Wan

    Where to send cull ewes & odds'n'sods around Scotland and Northern England.

    Hi TFF'ers, We're looking to find a regular direct outlet for cull ewes and odd'n'sods, consignee's able to receive full wagons. DW £/kg payment. Decent contacts and any advice for the above would be greatly appreciated, complete discretion as always. Ta for reading.
  3. Obi Wan

    How to dock an older lambs tail

    I've two older lambs that I'm looking as selling on for breeding, they missed having their tails docked as the main flock started lambing sooner than expected. There about 3-4 months old now. What's the routine? Vet job or will they just whinge and say leave alone :facepalm:
  4. Obi Wan

    To early to give Bravoxin 10?

    Hi All, A most fantastic friend of mine has offered to come farming tomorrow for some light relief and possibly entertainment, taking full advantage this :angelic: I'm planning to worm, bolus and bravoxin 10 all the breeding ewes. They're due to start first week of April and I'm wondering if...
  5. Obi Wan

    Advice on sourcing No till drill for 100hp tractor

    Hi - I'm looking to source a no till drill for putting clovers, triticale, and possibly some vetch into old grass. Ideally nothing new and fancy as it's an experiment trying to improve the pasture on rented ground. There's no sub contractors within 50 miles with the kit and I'm not overly sure...
  6. Obi Wan

    Business plan for 10 year lease

    Hello All, I'm looking to put together a business plan to tender for the lease of a larger unit. I'd really like it to be as up to date with current teachings and trends as possible, I wondering if there's any super boffins out there in this field I should be contacting - or perhaps top class...
  7. Obi Wan

    When will it be safe to dip?

    Hello TFF peoples - I'm looking for a little advice please. Just as I was flushing the hill ewes for tupping, I noticed a few starting to itch that little too much to be nothing. All were given 40ml of ectofly with hope it was just lice, the problem hasn't gone away. Tups have been in since 9th...
  8. Obi Wan

    Forgot to bolus ewes

    Hi - I sort of forgot to bolus our ewes pre tupping - last time they had a bolus was at scanning - would this be the ideal time to blood test prior to ordering more bolus's? Will give a liquid drench to help fill the gapo whilst awaiting results. Thoughts please ?
  9. Obi Wan

    JD 6320 fwd/rev stiff

    Hi, I’m looking for some advice please. The fwd/rev lever has gone very stiff/restricted. I’ve looked down the steering column where it coneccts to the push/pull cable and everything seems fine. I’ve tried to trace this along the side of the offside gearbox but was by myself so couldn’t be sure...
  10. Obi Wan

    Feeding weaned calves

    Hi - I'm wondering what people are to feeding weaned bucket calves? Hereford x fresian heifer for breeding. I've looked read up as much as possible and most places say 2kg calf rear/beef stock nut per day over 2feed up to 7months - just wondering what others are doing - outside on good grass all...
  11. Obi Wan

    Grease to stop bird damage on the silage bale stack?

    Hi ya'll - we're going to have some bales stacked and probably carried over to late 2020. I'm looking to for advice on using grease to help prevent bird damage on vertically fusion 4x4's? Also farm cats want to hunt from them which is a pain. I've had varying advice but the two main approaches...
  12. Obi Wan

    Manure timing ?

    Hi I've been wondering how long 25/5/5 manure will last? I've always worked on 6 weeks rule of thumb and aim to top up or cut grass to suit. Would cutting it earlier give a better aftermath? This year has been wet for us and some grass shift that got too strong were shut off for silage - grass...
  13. Obi Wan

    Re-seed advice please.

    I’m looking at reseeding some old pasture shortly 5acre roughly, my soil analysis has come back mostly as expected. See below. pH 5.4 (low) P 2.7 (low) K 124 (med) M 263 (high) My plan is to lime at 3t/acre and Phosphorus at 5 cwt/acre. Problem is local supplier only had one type of lime...
  14. Obi Wan

    Tupping a few ewes for christmas lambing

    Hi - as said above I'm planning tupping a few ewes to lamb over the festive period, it's a bit of fun and a surprise for the kids really. Hopefully they will have a try at our local summer shows. As it's away from the normal sheep system I'm planning to buy in a 2-3 hoggs and put them to a...
  15. Obi Wan

    Rearing bucket calves

    Hi I'm looking for advice please, I'm planning to buy in some beef cross heifer calves to build up numbers. This is something we've never tried, I'm looking for advice on the daily routine required to successfully take a 2-3 week old calve through to post weaning and thrive beyond. I've found a...
  16. Obi Wan

    Orf - prevent/cure/management

    Good evening, firstly happy new year and all the best for 2019. A bit of forward planning here so hopefully you guys can help. The last 3-4 years we’ve suffered from gradually worsening cases of Orf across post lambing. Last year some of the lambs were fairly knocked by it and it also caused...
  17. Obi Wan

    Bucket calves Dairy x Beef Supply in Scotland?

    Hi, I've posted this in the livestock & forage forum, just thought I'd re-post here if it's something anyone works with regards
  18. Obi Wan

    Bucket calves Dairy x Beef Supply in Scotland?

    Good evening all - It's been over 20years since we last had bucket calves via a calf dealer, unfortunately all our old contacts are no longer active. I'm thinking about having a go at it this winter. I'm looking to buying 15 - 20 heifer calves to bring on as replacements, anyone have any...
  19. Obi Wan

    Dry suckler cow with mastitis/ruptured 1/4 - Thoughts & advice please

    Hi, short history first - we've a dry cow here with mastitis. She had a section last year and wouldn't catch to AI or the bull. Whilst running with the bull this summer one of the other calves must have tried her udder and led to infection setting in. Initially we treated her with 3 short and...
  20. Obi Wan

    Honda 450 late 90s 4x4

    Hi, can anyone tell me what part this is? Sitting next to the battery and fuse box (slightly rear and near side) cylinder shape maybe 1.5" long. Has +/- terminals coming from the top of it with another 2 small wires I think from the ignition switch? When I push starter this solinoid/really just...