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  1. Cab-over Pete

    JD 50 Series Electrical System.

    Aye-up, Bit of a bugger, my lad moved the steering column on the 3350 yesterday and soon had smoke billowing out from under the dashboard. Now it’s all gone a bit iffy and next to nothing works. I disconnected the alternator, crossed the starter and then disconnected the battery to get it...
  2. Cab-over Pete

    Best Quality Replacement MF Parts.

    Aye up, I bought a nice little 35X recently but she does need a few bits to tidy her up. As much as I would like to keep her original, there are bits too far gone. Which company supplies the best quality rear wings and foot plates? At the moment the wings have the extensions by your legs so...
  3. Cab-over Pete

    What’s this for? In a job lot of MF bits.

    Aye up, As per title.
  4. Cab-over Pete

    Excellent Service From Seat Supplier.

    Aye up, I’ve just been up to Capital Seating in Leicester, third time in about 10 years. Each time I’ve been, Steve Swann the boss has spent time with me, getting new seats out of boxes, powering them up and charging with air so I could have a bit of a go on them before buying. A kind of...
  5. Cab-over Pete

    That Really Grippy Footplate Stuff

    Aye up, You know the stuff, like incredibly coarse sandpaper that manufactures stick on to steel panels so you don’t slip off. What is it called and where can I get it? Thank you. Cheers, Pete.
  6. Cab-over Pete

    Be Extra Careful…..Even H&S Can Be Bad For You!!

    Aye-up, Doing a few little jobs around the yard yesterday, I noticed an armoured electrical cable was sagging, the fastener having broken. So it’s off to get the ladder. I got Mrs COP to hold the bottom of the ladder for my first climb. Once up, I have a piece of rope looped around the top...
  7. Cab-over Pete

    Hauling People

    Aye-up, I’m reasonably sure it’s legal to transport people on the road on a tractor and trailer. Never mind the fuel thing, that will require white diesel. It will only be about 5-6 people for a distance of a couple of miles. What will be the requirements to do the job legally and, more...
  8. Cab-over Pete

    Good Quality Hot Water Pressure washer

    Aye-up, I've had a karcher machine for over 10 years and it's taught me every swear word ever invented, so I won't be having another one of those. It lasted until about 14 seconds out of warranty until it started to play up. Any good recommendations? I would rather a British built machine...
  9. Cab-over Pete

    NROSO- Does anybody here work for them?

    Aye-up, as per title. Now I’m not having a go at you personally, so don’t trot out all the usual “ooh, I think I’m offended by your complaint”, but what a useless shower of shite on a Sunday organisation you work for. The amount of time NROSO get my points wrong is amazing. I would have...
  10. Cab-over Pete

    Towing stuff about in tandem

    Aye-up, Just had a chap I know asking me a question, not sure on the answer…. He has a tractor powered wood chipper and wants to pull a trailer behind it on the road, just an empty trailer. Is that legal? If not, would it be legal if he put the trailer first with the chipper behind? If legal...
  11. Cab-over Pete

    Just a thought….needs a willing auctioneer.

    Aye-up, I’ve not yet met anyone who isn’t bothered by the Ukraine situation and it seems to me that the overwhelming majority of folks want to help. The constraints of time and money as we approach a busy spring might mean some, myself included, don’t feel they have much time to give and...
  12. Cab-over Pete

    Cow Cubicle Timber Sections Available

    Aye up, I’m pulling down the old timber cubicle building at our yard. Maybe 30-40 decent timber frames available if anyone wants them. Some rot at the bottom heel boards but not beyond saving. Let me know if you want them. They’ll be on the fire tomorrow if not! Cheers, Pete.
  13. Cab-over Pete

    Cow Cubicle timber sections available

    Aye up. I’m pulling down the timber cow kennels/cubicles at our place. Most of the heel boards are rotted but the main frame sections might be of use to someone if you need to expand a bit. Let me know if you want them. There would be 30 odd really good, 20 odd usable with some work. They’ll...
  14. Cab-over Pete

    Have you got kids at college?

    Aye-up, If so, are they getting offered short courses and extra qualifications? I’m talking about things like quad bike certs, PA spraying certs, telescopic loader tickets, etc etc. You know, the basics so that when they leave college they are farm ready and can compete in the jobs market...
  15. Cab-over Pete

    Bloody hell Clive!…..

    ….you jammy bugger! On TV with the lovely Rebecca Wood.
  16. Cab-over Pete

    Struggling to get limestone grit for rations.

    Aye-up, I have a customer who keeps cattle and laying hens. He’s been buying his limestone grit through Frank Wright Trouw for years but now they’re saying they can’t supply him. He’s asked me to help, I’ve given him details for Longcliffe, BLI, Ben Bennett Jnr and Singleton Birch, but I have...
  17. Cab-over Pete

    Dry or Lube?

    Aye-up, A question I’m not often wondering about, but which can divide opinion. When fitting wheel nuts, are they best spun on dry or with a bit of moisture? If lube is used, is something like copper slip the best thing or just a bit of spray-on weasel pi$$? Or even dry-lube spray which...
  18. Cab-over Pete

    Duck Behaving Strangely.

    Aye up, My daughter keeps half a dozen ducks. The males were bullying the females a bit some time back, so we split them up, all happy now. They are inside, a big shed and enclosure with access to a small pool on alternate days. They all have clean drinking water every day and are fed dry...
  19. Cab-over Pete

    Regan Tractors Ireland

    Aye up, I’ve emailed and called this company about tractors but received no response. Are they good to deal with? Looks a fair outfit by the website. Cheers, Pete.
  20. Cab-over Pete

    Anybody Know TFF Member Ray?

    Aye-up, I was messaging @Ray from N Yorks a while back about something but I see he hasn’t been on TFF for a month or so. If anyone knows him could you tell him I was asking please. Cheers, Pete.