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  1. Spuddler

    Looking For Work Part time work

    In the Somerset area Looking for employment ideally 2-3 days a week (can be flexible as I have sheep of my own. 47 years old, Full licence with trailer, Tickets for Telehandler, Tractor, chainsaw,Brushcutter PA Spraying (no nroso) can lay a block and weld.
  2. Spuddler

    Livestock finance

    Looking into livestock finance to speed up expanding my flock. Am I mad to even think about this or is it quite common? Feel like it might be a “he who dares wins” time. But who knows what’s round the corner.
  3. Spuddler

    Another one on the environmental bandwagon

  4. Spuddler

    County farms and Agents

    Went last week to view one of the Devon starter farms last week, All was good and liked it, but I have a gripe with the agents who represents these, especially the tenants fixtures. Agent walks round some of it with saying certain items may or not be there when commencing, well find out! Stock...
  5. Spuddler

    Movement Licence meeting someone halfway

    Sold some sheep and part of the deal is taking them halfway as it’s a fair trek. How do you do the movement licence? I assume it just classed as 1 long journey but with swap of vehicle halfway.
  6. Spuddler

    Worth noting if you have an R series

    Anyone with a Jd R might be worth looking under the exhaust guard, packed with old grass burning away nicely
  7. Spuddler

    Solar farm grazing

    I’m basically looking for prospective people who would be interested in grazing for sheep on Solar farms through out the south and southwest.We cut loads of sites every year, Having sheep myself I feel this is a massive waste and the sites would look better grazed The grazing would be free or...
  8. Spuddler

    Post Driver,

    Looking at getting a new post driver, Is a rock spike a must have? Any recommendations to any make? Mid range to fit a small 6 series Jd Tia
  9. Spuddler

    Small yard around Taunton area

    Posting for a friend He's requires a small yard or a bay of a building etc around the Taunton area for his tree surgeon business only moving as his present landlord has sold up. Very tidy polite
  10. Spuddler

    JD 6420 glowplugs

    JD 6420 04 reg From a quick look over without delving to much so far I cant locate the glow plugs or does it have some sort of heater plug It's non premium with the engine with non electric injection ( if that makes sense!) Tia
  11. Spuddler

    Rambo QuickDraw sheep shears

    Quite like the look of Horners Rambo QuickDraw clippers, anyone use them? Any others recommended?
  12. Spuddler

    360 wanted 15 to 17 ton

    Wanted 15 to 17 ton 360 Also artic unit with swan neck if poss Nothing less than 5 years old preferred, if anyone has something or point me in the right direction, much appreciated
  13. Spuddler

    Steel Shed

    Steel frame building Quote for a 120ft x60 shed 16 legs Concrete already done Concrete panels Yorkshire boarding down the long sides Near Ilminster Somerset
  14. Spuddler

    Sheep keep

    Doesn't look to promising this winter Will some give it a miss or some persevere feeding indoors Will the prices be better because of this? Who knows
  15. Spuddler

    Passenger seat for Jd 6420

    as above Require a passenger seat for a jd6420 se Thanks
  16. Spuddler

    Atv rappa winder

    Wanted atv rappa winder as mine has just given up the ghost for the final time.
  17. Spuddler

    Store lambs

    Got quite a few lambs I am happy to sell as stores. A lot are around the 30 kg mark, would this be the right sort of size to send.
  18. Spuddler

    JCB Brexit

    Interesting letter on facebook written by Mr Bamford of Jcb who is voting to leave Cant do links sorry
  19. Spuddler

    Dagging ,Docking crate

    Cant really warrant having a combi clamp, can anyone recommend a dagging crate, what are the iae ones like,
  20. Spuddler

    Alternative to a quad

    Saw these on ebay Thought these may be of interest to others Search Ebay :Suzuki Carry Pick up Mule Quad ATV 4x4 Sorry cant seem to do a link