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    Kuhn fertiliser spreader settings

    Hi everyone. I've got a kuhn axis 30.1 with s4 discs on 24 meter tramlines and need to spread some Origin 26.0.0 35. Has anyone got a setting for me as its not on the kuhn app. Thanks
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    Case Puma auto steer

    I have a case puma auto steer ready and I have a trimble FM 750. Can the two be linked to give me auto steer for drilling.
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    RTK Range point.

    Hi all. I'm thinking about going down the auto steer route on my Case Puma. Is RTK Range point good enough for drilling. I don't want to end up with gaps and overlaps. I can do that on my own. Thanks in advance.
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    NH TX63 Hydraulic valves sticking.

    On our TX63 the 3 electro hydraulic valves that engage the Separator, header and unloading spout have started to stick when engaging the switch. Once freed off the valve is ok untill the next day when the same happens. Any ideas?