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    Ransomes Combine Parts

    Like many others we used to use Ransomes Combines, in our case a1001 and a Cavalier, up to the early 1980's. When clearing out an old building we discovered some parts, some are new, some are part worn, its also possible that some are for the previous machines, one an old MF, and the other a...
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    Warranty Wise

    Recently we bought a small 2nd hand car for our children to learn to drive in and then use. The supplying non franchised dealer arranged for 3months warranty cover with Warranty Wise. This is now coming to an end, and we have had prompts to renew the cover, at first glance the cover that I...
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    The biggest Wheat Ear challenge

    A bit of fun here. While out pulling Ryegrass this afternoon I could see that there are a few anomalous wheat plants, usually taller plants with a bigger ear. So I started to look for the biggest one I could find. Here it is, a Grafton Wheat ear at 14.5cm tall, Can you find a bigger one?
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    Identify this Truck

    Could any of the truck experts on here help me identify this old truck please? @Cab-over Pete , @Shovelhands , @grainboy , @JP1 I realise it's not much to go on but......! I ask because it was converted into the trailer below, and now sadly its surplus to requirements, and I really need the...
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    Merlo Telehandler

    After a couple years of pondering we are seriously thinking about getting a telehandler. Spotted a Merlo P8.7KT that looks like it would fit the bill. Its a 2004 machine with about 4500hrs on it. If I go to have a look at it are there any particular things on it that I should look out for, or...
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    Entrade, Environmental Offsetting and Trading

    We have been approached through our local FWAG people to see if we are interested in getting involved in this. In a nutshell it would appear that we as farmers would agree to do certain things at the farm level e.g over wintered cover crops, hedge row work, fencing water courses, and various...
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    Whole Cropping a standing Cereal crop, Value / Acre

    We have been approached by a neighbour to potentially sell him a growing cereal crop for him to whole crop as a stock feed. So far we are liking the idea, it would be Spring Oats. Now, how does one go about valuing the crop, he was proposing to buy it as a standing crop on a £/ac basis...
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    Grassland Subsoilers

    Anybody got one or use one? Are they really any good? Any tips to get the best out of them, Any particular designs or features to recommend/look out for or avoid? As above, any info, opinions or thoughts gratefully received. Cheers
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    Ford 5000 Voltage regulator smoking

    Help please!! As above really, after servicing the tractor I noticed that the fuse like object on the back of the voltage regulator box was smoking/smouldering. Thinking that it had had its chips I replaced it with a new one, but this one does it too! If I remove the two wires from the...
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    Hydraulic Top Links

    On various previous threads other people have mentioned having / using hydraulic top links, its something that I have previously considered, but regarded as a "nice to have" but not necessary. However, its something that I have been giving a bit more thought to just recently, at the moment it...
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    Used Oil Filters

    What do people do with their used oil filters? If they have been drained and are empty can they go in the scrap metal bin, or are they classed as contaminated as they have been used. (I'm talking about ones that have been left to drain & empty for ages so are used but not fresh and oily and...
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    Cleaning a Combine With a Compressor

    We are trying to buy a compressor to mostly use to clean the combine on a daily basis. When I look at the various ones for sale their cfm value is usually stated, but what is enough to provide enough pressure to make a good and quick job? I have found a couple of nice Ingersol Rand/Doosan...
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    Walford Cross Collective Sale

    Anyone going? I 'll probably go and have a look-see tomorrow night... See if I can find a speedboat!
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    Tuff Phones

    Hi, Looking at getting a smartphone and have seen adverts for these. Does anyone have one, or any experiences to share? Thanks in advance.
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    KV/Accord Drill Jams

    We have a KV Evo Tine Seeder Drill. Twice during drilling this year the metering unit at the bottom of the tank became jammed. Expecting to find some thing like a stone or a twig, we emptied the hopper and had a look, but we could find nothing, the metering unit was still jammed though. Alter...
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    Wired Magnetic LED Light Set

    I am looking for a set of wired LED lights, magnetic preferably, that I can quickly put on and detach from the back of trailers, drills etc. The difficulty arises when I want the set to have the load resister already wired into the wiring of the set, so that the tractor recognises there is a set...
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    Dummy Slug Pellets

    My freebee slug pellets organised through TFF arrived on Friday, so whoever was the chief organiser,.... Thank you
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    Parts Theft

    Was reading about the theft of various parts from people's machinery earlier, well now its out turn! Collected the header for the combine this afternoon, its stored in an outlying shed with a couple of other trailer type implements, purposely nothing exciting kept there. Looking over the...
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    Cab trim cleaner/polish

    Hi All, Can any one recommend any products to use to clean the trim etc. in the cab of our tractors? Specifically (if it makes any difference) a NH T6 and a NH TM. I've used a few things over the years but none have been particularly good, so any recommendations gratefully received. Thank you...
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    Belshina Tyres

    Hey All, Have been quoted for some Belshina tyres, but I've never heard of them, looked on the internet and it seams they come from Russia. They are quite a bit cheaper than others, so obviously there is a reason. Has any one had anything to do with them. Good, bad, indifferent, all...