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    What is more efficient, quad or diesel 4x4

    Depending on the ground , diesel buggy , can carry your fence posts , tools bags of cake etc Ours does around a clock hr per litre of red
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    Cold room advice wanted.

    From memory, all but in industrial size cold rooms, the fans run all the time except for a timed defrost The temp probe needs careful siting ie not in front of the fan in an icy blast but not near a door giving warmer readings I remember EHO inspection and they pointed an infra red thermometer...
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    First Quad bike

    Trx500 Honda never been a problem, it’s 61 plate carburettor/ manual gears Have a 4 grand kioti mechron eBay special to see if the buggy's would suite our steep hill farm which it did well , now we have a new Corvus buggy so the mechron is redundant and I hardly use the quad
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    Hi Lux Canopy swap

    Don’t know about that canopy but our 2014 hilux has an ifor canopy, we got it cheap of a lad as it won’t fit his new hilux
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    Sheeps feet

    I can go along with that, from a different perspective we only use outside help at shearing time and occasionally a bit of lambing help , we feed and water the guys( and girls) pay bang on time and generally appreciate their work , but if they take the pee they don’t come back
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    Sheeps feet

    I would think you need to firstly cover your travel, do you have your own dogs , pens, race etc? Are you aiming at small holder type flocks or big numbers ? Personally I don’t trim them at all , any lame ewes are given a jab of zactran as they go through the race and repeat offenders culled ...
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    Young farmer starting out

    Brilliant thank you , sorry if it’s going off topic …. But I used to get draft hill ewes from the lakes , Welsh Cheviot type cross , always put to a texel and keep our own replacements, the Welsh Cheviot was a kind of cheap experiment looking for a hardy /thrifty younger ewe to go forwards...
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    Young farmer starting out

    We have had draft Welsh ewes from them, put 100 this year to good Cheviot tups I think from memory the ewes were £47 inc wormed and dipped plus another pound each delivery Good cheap way to expand the flock , if I was to do it again, personally I would go direct to farm or market
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    kansas cattle/beast from east

    Is it yes your wrong.. or no your right ? I agreed with you by the way but that’s just my opinion Never lost any sheep during the beast from the east, but lost four in a drift last winter, these were just gimmer lambs away on tac 😖
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    IAE is this worth money

    We have a Bateman economy race , it was about £500 a few years back , the idea was something portable ( ish)! It’s now used pretty much at the main farm with up to 600 ewes going through, moving them soon becomes weary I made a permanent pen with a 16’ by 30” race on away ground and it’s ideal...
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    Native breeds photographs

    Been waiting for the cows to start calving, here’s No2 Wee bull calf born this afternoon
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    Roughly which part of Cumbria, I grew up in the south lakes , have grass envy when I go “home” to visit, need the weather though wherever we farm
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    We never mow until mid to late July , never have the grass, bit of rain helping us here but really need some warmth
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    Oh dear Tesco

    I was surprised in a good way after reading his comments
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    Native breeds photographs

    Thank you, we bought this place from an old chap who said the last time cows were here was when his father milked way back , we went all sheep around 5 years ago on our place but used to run Angus and whitbred shorthorn It’s nice to have a few cows back ( only four all in calf ) the downside...
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    Native breeds photographs

    Fist cows on this farm in 50 years and our first calf born this morning. Dunn Galloway heifer
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    Hay making 2022

    Same here, I’ll see if it’s grown enough by mid July
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    Farm Vendor Finance

    I don’t see the problem with one or both working off farm, it’s the same in any job if your self employed, I have been in engineering for 30 years plus but quit to work our place full time, mrs still works , but she did whilst I was engineering
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    Farm Vendor Finance

    That applies to all walks of life .. no good saying what if? Many years after not taking a chance
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    Farm Vendor Finance

    On the same hand there’s many who wanted to farm but couldn’t so later in life managed to buy a small place then expand. Personally I’ve worked my balls off to get from 30 acres to 160 , ( yes I know what on earth do I do after breakfast ) If my son doesn’t want it in future, I’ve told my wife...