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  1. Pasty

    Anyone else got this?

    View in browser Support from HMRC Dear customer, We have identified that your business may be affected by the 'Notification of Uncertain Tax Treatment' legislation which comes into effect from 1‌‌‌ ‌April‌‌‌ ‌2022. To help you to prepare for...
  2. Pasty

    Barn roof contractors South Devon

    Any recommendations for firms to quote me to replace failing concrete (assume asbestos) roof with insulated panels. Also potentially some changes to roof construction to give more headroom. Thanks.
  3. Pasty

    UK Norway power line.

    Never been to Norway. Nice to see we have put a good deal in place with a cable to protect us from the oncoming gas shortages. Scandies are probably our more common neighbours than those down south.
  4. Pasty

    Universal Basic Income in Wales

    It begins. Project communism. Mask up, shut up and stay indoors.
  5. Pasty

    Voting ID cards

    Labour seem to be a bit up in the air about this. I wonder why. Personally I am against ID cards which you need to carry at all times. However, in order to vote should you not have to show some eligible photo ID? This could be passport or driving license and for those without either a simple...
  6. Pasty

    Small Ragwort

    I've just noticed some small plants, about primrose size that look like ragwort in a wooded part of the farm near a stream. Not the tall stemmy jobs you would expect but fully in flower. Is there a kind of junior version? I'll keep an eye on it over the year. So far off limits from animals.
  7. Pasty

    How far can you take electricity from the transformer

    I have a friend up in Gloucester and she currently has a single phase transformer on her land supplying her house, buildings and a neighbour. She wants to supply a new barn build some 350m from this. Not as the crow flies as that would mean crossing a road twice (250m). Is this possible? Her...
  8. Pasty


    I've just done mine online but got quite annoyed about the prying nature of the questions. Its illegal if I don't tell them this stuff and they can fine me £1000 (yeah right). But why do they want to know so much personal detail? Is that legal to demand that under threat of legal action? I have...
  9. Pasty

    Russell Brand

    I used to disagree with just about everything this guy said but I aside from some stuff, I find it worthwhile watching.
  10. Pasty

    Biden starts the endless wars again.

    FFS. Thousands of innocents will die under this regime. Well done Dem voters and supporters. Well done.
  11. Pasty

    Trump acquitted.

    So I'm hearing. Good. What a sham.
  12. Pasty

    Matt Halfinchcock

    How has this to where he is? I voted Tory but I didn't vote for this snivelling little sh!t weasel to go on like he does every day. What an absolute pathetic little piece of crap. Someone must have something on him.
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  14. Pasty

    Nissan Enough said.
  15. Pasty

    Social media

    So, as I gather, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have banned Trump from posting either temporarily or permanently. Thoughts on this? If you don't like him you may think its superb news. But then, what if they suddenly decide they don't like you? Like this forum where we may get a bit heated but...
  16. Pasty

    WW3 within 12 days Stock up on baked beans folks and hide under the table. Unless Trump is just gong to nuke Washington.
  17. Pasty

    Yey, we wrecked the economy.

    Hard to find proper stats that aren't 'adjusted' in some way. However, according to this site: In 2019, there were 530,841 deaths registered in England and Wales. Using the...
  18. Pasty

    Too cheap?

    I've just eaten 6 months worth of dog wormer and washed it down with a lage G&T (Quinine).
  19. Pasty


    Is the .gov BPS page appeared to be created by a bunch of idiots from 1986 and why is it still BETA? Asking for a friend.
  20. Pasty

    Interesting winter

    As far as I can see, we, in the UK have a couple things going on. The Brexit job is crucial and the US election affects us. What happens if Boris does actually get a proper Brexit done and Trump remains president? Globalist nightmare and I'm sure Italy, Hungary, Poland and so on would soon...