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  1. sherg

    Bishops castle store sale 17/1019

    Some of the in laws cattle at this sale @Northeastfarmer @beefandsleep @gone up the hill
  2. sherg

    Soil testing kit

    Asking for a friend he was wondering if any on here have recommendations for a soil testing kit @Kevtherev @Cab-over Pete @Mounty @neilo I think it could be a welsh grant job before everyone shouts send it to a lab
  3. sherg

    Bolus for sucker cows

    I've been asked to k the question on here which is the better one out of cosecure or Wynnstay own brand? they went in to Wynnstay and they were pushing their own brand I've got no I though who makes the bolus for Wynnstay Any help would be gratefully received cheers all
  4. sherg

    Some nice kit at this sale

    Hi all I've just seen this sale in the paper there looks some nice low houred stuff at this sale, probably wont be going to have a look myself but its nice to see some useable classics @Kevtherev that...
  5. sherg

    Grain store/ general purpose shed

    Hi everyone I'm currently in the process of getting quotes for a grain store and I'm just wondering what you all think its likely to cost the shed would be 105' long 45' wide and 20' to the eaves a 20ft roller shutter door in one end and concrete panels 8ft high around it, we might also put a...
  6. sherg

    Single cab pickup

    Looking for a new or nearly new 4x4 single cab, it will be towing but 3.5 ton isnt really a necessity does anyone have any recommendations or anything to avoid (any really good deals would also be helpful) thankyou all in advance
  7. sherg

    Store cattle

    This has probably been covered before but what do people think is the best way of making them pay, I'm looking at maybe next year buying a few they wouldn't be grazing just in a shed. the shed is 120' x 65' with a central passage, currently make big bale silage and we'd grow enough barley, just...
  8. sherg

    Lambing triplets outside

    Due to some unforeseen circumstances (water pump broke and its taken a week to get a new one) all of my ewes are outside on grass instead of in the shed, my intentions were always to lamb the singles and twins outside and have the triplets inside, the ewes are all aberdales and so have been bred...
  9. sherg

    Prattley or Rappa

    I've been looking lately at buying a mobile yard a 10 foot model with 40 5 foot hurdles there's not a massive amount of difference in price between the two of them, which does everyone recommend I've heard good and only tiny bits of bad about both, I've borrowed a prattley a few times and have...
  10. sherg

    Fattening lambs

    Right I've bought some store lambs in this year normally i'd just be putting them on turnips after Christmas but I'll have to many lambs for the turnips but I will have some spare grassland at home for them, they can have silage as well but I'm wondering with the price of stockfeed potatoes...
  11. sherg

    Creep feeders

    We're looking at buying a couple of creep feeders for doing the lambs this time. we want something that will also be used to feed hoggets on turnips, must be wide enough so we can fill it with the merlo bucket and will hold half a ton, we have had a look at portequip, Watson, iae, bateman and...
  12. sherg


    Wondering what everyone else thinks of this age old system, just wondering if the people keeping composite breeds are happier with performance than they were with mules etc, I don't intend this to be a mule or blueface bashing thread i'm looking at our own aberdale ewes as well, sometimes I cant...
  13. sherg

    metres per second

    Just wondering for those who have had turbines installed how has it performed against the wind speed you were predicted? Is everyone who has been up and running for a while happy with performance or are they falling short of expectations?
  14. sherg

    Endurance X29

    Has anybody on here had much to do with them heard of one or two in planning but haven't seen any in the flesh or spoken to anyone with any experience of them We are looking at one to go on a 6.5 m/s site should we be looking at anything else?
  15. sherg

    Barley straw

    Does anyone know a rough analysis for either spring or winter barley straw we're thinking about feeding some to the ewes outside, just wondered how it would compare to hay
  16. sherg

    Flock plans

    Just wondering what everyone is planning to do numbers wise for next year? just seen the report from Welshpool yesterday and they sold 5088 cull sheep which is a record for them which seems crazy considering the amount of sheep that are around compared to years ago and that a lot of people...
  17. sherg

    The Better Grass Program

    Had this lot ring me the other day and agreed they could send us some stuff through the post to read, now whilst the sceptic in me dismisses a lot of it because they're just trying to sell me something the other half of me is impressed with some of their claims, is anyone on here using the...
  18. sherg

    Bale handler

    Looking at buying a bale handler will mainly do quadrant size haylage with it maybe a few rounds as well what's the best to go for a quadrogrip type or one of the over the top types will probably only do about 350 or so bales with it a year, are the quadrogrip types seem a bit dearer are they...
  19. sherg

    merlo 32.6

    Got a new to us merlo 32.6 coming this week for a demo anything in particular to look out for what's everyone's opinions on them?
  20. sherg

    rearing cade lambs

    This year we've got a lot of lambs in the ewes and so far we've managed to keep the majority of the triplet lambs alive, if the ewe has plenty of milk and the lambs are even we send them out as triplets, any big lambs get taken off and cross fostered and the small ones get put in the cade pen...