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  1. borderterribles

    Pigs or Dogs?

    I followed a bus through town the other day and on the back was a VIVA advert. The ad showed a picture of a Spaniel puppy and a piglet. The strapline read "Which is your favourite animal", then in much feinter print " to eat?" Now ,obviously I think that the answer in the UK is pretty obvious...
  2. borderterribles

    The price of imported Pork.

    Had a man come to our Farmers Market stall today, who said that he was buying Pork sides for his meat business @ £1 50/kilo, from Belgium. If its true, no wonder the job is hard!
  3. borderterribles

    MP Vertitank

    I am considering installing a new, small bulk milk tank and am looking at the Milk Plan Vertitank. Any experiences, good or bad, please?
  4. borderterribles

    Pain Patches.

    Following on from the Spinal Stenosis thread and the plethora of unsuitable drugs that I am taking, my Missus has bought me some Pain Patches from America. They resemble a sticky backed printed circuit board that needs to be stuck to the bare skin between the painful area and the brain. Anyone...
  5. borderterribles

    Two yearling Jersey bulls.

    Suitable to run with heifers. One by Viral out of an Ex92 Guapo, the other by Comerica out of an Ex93 Maximus cow, from a consistent 6% fat ,4% protein family. Pm on here if interested, please.
  6. borderterribles

    Spinal Stenosis

    Due to persistent lower back and leg pain, my Doctor sent me for an MRI scan which has led to a diagnosis of Spinal Stenosis. Has anyone here any experience of what I might expect, please?
  7. borderterribles

    Mcgregor Polytunnels.

    Has anyone on here any experience of Mcgregor pop up polytunnels, for livestock, please?
  8. borderterribles

    Livestock Truck Recovery.

    A question for those who run, or have run their own stock truck. What arrangements do you have in place, to recover your truck, or more importantly any livestock that you may have on board, in the event of a breakdown that can't be fixed at the side of the road? Tia.
  9. borderterribles

    Three reared heifer calves. Shrewsbury to West Wales.

    As above, in the next ten days, please.
  10. borderterribles

    Large White Boar.

    As above. Large White Boar for sale, approx 2 years old, bought as pedigree, but unregistered. Good stockgetter, and throws good shaped progeny,, nice temperament, lives with Sows until near farrowing, £150, South Shropshire.
  11. borderterribles

    Pedigree Jersey young bull.

    As title. Born May 2018, by Guimo Joel out of an Ex 92 Guapo dam, ( scored 97 Dairy Character), lightly used already,good temperament, suitable heifers or cows,£1000 Ono. Pm for further details.
  12. borderterribles

    International baler-445 problem.

    Got my baler out today to go to bale a paddock nearby. I greased it round and lubricated the chains, ran it up and it ran fine. Went to field and started baling , within 20 yards there was a bang and the flywheel shearbolt broke. Upon emptying the chamber completely, the reason for the calamity...
  13. borderterribles

    A1/A2. How can I find out?

    As above. Have been tasked by She Who Must Be Obeyed, to find out the status of our cows and their milk. o_O
  14. borderterribles

    Cull boars/sows

    How and where do you sell cull boars and sows? What sort of prices are they making currently?
  15. borderterribles

    Pietrain X boar.

    Pietrain X boar for sale, 3 years old, so quite a big lad!Very good natured, throws large litters of really good piglets. Open to offers.
  16. borderterribles

    Jersey bulls.

    Three young Jersey bulls, suitable to run with heifers or cows. Born March, April and June 2017. Pure bred but unregistered, dams, granddams available for inspection. Priced to sell. Telephone David on 07703-165896 or pm on here.
  17. borderterribles

    Finished Jersey steers- value?

    On another thread in the Dairy section there is a discussion about the value of NZ cross and extreme dairy type males for finishing. I put up figures for two Jersey steers which I have recently had back from slaughter to process myself. The question has been asked , what would an abattoir pay...
  18. borderterribles

    Gold Top milk.

    Anyone else hear the Ginger T*t on R2 biggin up Gold Top milk? Almost a massive own goal when someone hadn't provided him with the relevant butterfat, protein and calcium percentages, but at least they've gone some way to rectifying that now!
  19. borderterribles


    Anyone have one on-farm? Am considering installing one, primarily to get rid of small amounts of butchery waste.
  20. borderterribles

    Udder Comfort

    Anybody using it? Jeez it's expensive!