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  1. Lufin

    Verge topper

    Wanted verge topper suitable for 180hp tractor. Thanks
  2. Lufin

    Wanted trailed sprayer

    Wanted trailed sprayer 30meter booms 20k ish budget
  3. Lufin

    Househam AR 3000 triple fold

    After a good reliable independent Househam mechanic/fitter. Need a general service and boom setup. Midlands area Thanks
  4. Lufin

    CNH guidance

    CNH nav2 controller and AG372 antenna.
  5. Lufin

    Maize drill

    Looking for a maize drill which can do fert 8 row ideal but would consider others. Budget around £5000. Midlands based but will travel. Thanks
  6. Lufin

    TWB Machinery

    Anyone no how to get hold of TWB Machinery? No one seems to answer either mobile or landline. Thanks
  7. Lufin

    14/16 ton dump trailer

    Budget 5k Midlands
  8. Lufin

    Amazone citan 6000

    Is anybody running one or had one on demo? Would be keen to hear peoples views. Currently running a co6 on min/shallow till. Thanks
  9. Lufin


    4.5 meter folding subsoiler
  10. Lufin

    Simba LD vs ST

    Running a simba sl500 on ST points and thinking of changing to the LD legs hoping for less disturbance and a better lift. Has anyone swapped? Do they do much less disturbing? Do they take more pulling? What is the finish like? And do they cost more per acre compared to the ST? Thanks Sorry...
  11. Lufin

    John Deere 78 or 7920

    After a tidy John Deere 7820 or 7920 thanks
  12. Lufin

    13t excavator

    Wanted 13t ish excavator, max budget 15k. Thanks
  13. Lufin

    Horsch agtron

    In need of a screen/control box for Horsch drill, needs to be version 24 (v24)
  14. Lufin

    How much compensation?

    Western power had to go over some of our wheat over Christmas. As you can see they made a hell of a lot of mess, they kept digging holes to find the cable but kept missing. It looks like one of the lads got abit bored at some point and went for a bit of a joy ride over the field!! They are...
  15. Lufin

    Lockup your tractors