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  1. 4755dave

    Rds Artemis

    Anyone here used rds artemis lite?? Good? Bad? Etc?
  2. 4755dave

    Avadexer way

    So Much thinking Lots of digging round in the nettles And a new box of tea bags I've begun the build of an avadexer pack....
  3. 4755dave

    Accord metering units

    Evening all Looking for accord metering units for an avadexer build. Vicon work too Spoken to A Guest and will buy from him if I have too but there must be some out there gathering dust????
  4. 4755dave

    Avadex spreader home made

    There was one made from an old accord drill on here and I can't find it.. Anyone??
  5. 4755dave

    Maxam tyres??

    Has anyone got a set they have run? Experiences? Yes I know not michies.....
  6. 4755dave

    Wet weather toes

    Keeping busy....
  7. 4755dave

    Kuhn Aero

    Evening all Looking for a donor machine to keep a 2224 going. Anything stashed in the nettles?
  8. 4755dave

    Raven gps

    Does anyone have an accuboom node and controller????
  9. 4755dave

    Blasting media

    Right fellow fettlers what are we using in our blast pots?????
  10. 4755dave

    Nh tx68 electra

    Hi good people. I need a cab wiring diagram. Anyone got one in the back of the old cupboard in workshop??
  11. 4755dave

    Power Harrow drop bed trailer

    A light weight and cost effective power harrow trailer. Started with a trailer that moved a Massey 30 drill bought of ebay. Scaff board floor Just finished for drilling season
  12. 4755dave

    OTT valve spring compressor

    Why didn't I do this before? Miling machine and a home made collet thingy. So easy
  13. 4755dave

    Hand Cleaner wipes.....

    So a year into self employment and I find myself craving at least less diesel with my pack up. Which wipes are good?????
  14. 4755dave

    Row Crops

    Anyone got a pair of 320 x 46 skinnys for sale?
  15. 4755dave

    Generators: Volvo - 150 kva td100a engine

    Generators: Volvo - 150 kva td100a engine Category: Generators Manufacturer: Volvo Price: £1750 Condition: Used Description: 150 Kva volvo hagglunds genset Volvo td100a engine, Starts on the button and runs smoke free. run 907 hours from new. Tested and generates Images: See the full...
  16. 4755dave

    home made Combine Duals Startin Tractors

    Long shot i know but Looking for the gentleman that bought a pair of 42" wheels and tyres from Startin Tractors approx 5 yrs ago to make a set of duals for a combine. Wheels where off a Versatile 946 and we are hoping to find them again All help or pointers gratefully received Thanks
  17. 4755dave

    Dowdeswell dp1 or dp2

    Hi folks, ADMIN please dump if in wrong place Looking for sandwich plus ones for the above old dowdeswells 14" ie a plate front and back any lurking in the long term storage stingers???
  18. 4755dave

    The Old ladys of ag

    Hi, Has anyone on here had any expirience of running a versatile 946/7??