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  1. jon9000

    Towable water bowser

    Just looking at options for a 5 to 8 litre machine.... but where do you get one?
  2. jon9000

    Structural engineer recommendation

    Just need someone to do some calcullations
  3. jon9000

    Home made diesel tank replacement

    Currently have two 45 gallon drums on a purpose made trailer. Need a new tank where mould most get one
  4. jon9000

    Farm yard fork lift replacement

    Hi all Looking in replacing current machine with a 3 to 4 ton machine. Deisel.... are there any makes to avoid? Also only have a budget of 10k ideally need a triple mast to keep height loe
  5. jon9000

    Big telehandler

    One thing on my wish list next year is a large 4.5ton plus telehandler. Would go for loading shovel however like the extended possibilities with a teleporter. Currently run two manitou s. So the possibility of putting a manito headstock on would be good to. Main job would be loading potato...
  6. jon9000

    Stiga or kubota gr1600

    Never thought buying a lawnmower could be so complicated. Do I buy a gr1600 and collect the grass and use deisel Or buy a stiga 4x4.... the downside I leave the cuttings and have to use petrol
  7. jon9000

    Kubota gr1600 reviews

    Just wondering what's people's opions of these machine fir general farm use.... round trees and large garden..... are they fairly bullet proof. Need to collect grass as o hate grass in the house
  8. jon9000

    Big Sheet for tipping seed onto with choke

    just need something for verdetad drill and potato planter. Don't know where to look TIA
  9. jon9000

    Straw in swath price for 2021 season

    Thinking per acre Winter barley 60 Wheat 50 Yorkshire. This is loose in the swath sold. Is that a fair price?
  10. jon9000

    What medium disc outfit fir medium to light land?

    My short list so far is Inverta X press Joker Ideally looking for a 6meter machine that is trialled have 240hp tractor and no hills
  11. jon9000

    Electic gates topen

    Found some on amazon for about 300 quid topens has anyone else had these ?
  12. jon9000

    Workshop kerosene heater

    Can someone point me in thr right direction.
  13. jon9000

    Post emergence bean options

    We I didn't get my beans sprayed..... was going to apply kerb and pdm post emergence however agronomist is concerned that the kerb will knock yield... which is a real pita. So the other option is pdm followed by centerium max. I have low levels of bg
  14. jon9000

    Disco 4 radio frozen up

    My wife's car radio frozen up whilst on phone mode. If that makes sense has anyone any suggestions? Tia
  15. jon9000

    Replacement top link for case 230

    Just after one recommendations please
  16. jon9000

    Straw in swath price

    What's wheat straw in the swath price atm. Yorkshire Guessing 55?
  17. jon9000

    2 way Radio for farm use

    Thinking of biting the bullet and getting some hand held radios for the farm. Anyone with some suggestions
  18. jon9000

    Spring barley T2

    Anyone else currently spray fungicide. Not sure if it worth it really? Planning on desicating it at the end of the month!
  19. jon9000

    Coin sorter

    Not sure if this is the right place. Just looking for a machine to count change from an honesty box. Any recommendations welcome.e
  20. jon9000

    Replacement top

    Just need a manual one for a case 220 ideally with a non claw end