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  1. Fendt516

    Amazone uf 1501....issues

    Hi, I have one of the above and have what I'm hoping is a easy fix. Been out spraying as normal today, but when I moved to last field it won't build pressure up. It stays at 0.9! If I give extra rpm it will climb but not enough. In manual mode it won't increase either, although I can hear the...
  2. Fendt516

    Tractor/driving license

    Can you, If driving an agricultural tractor and trailer that weighs over 12 tonnes, combined, be driven on a standard car license if your over 21 yrs old? Reading on gov website, it appears a category c+e is required. Or am I reading it wrong?! I hope so, but think not. Although I have this...
  3. Fendt516

    Stopped by police and vosa!!

    Clocked doing 32mph. Everything working as it should, lights, brakes, tyres....everything!!! Got a ticket as I was using hydraulic trailer brakes and should have been doing 25. Had I used a trailer with air brakes, I would have been ok!!! Been using air braked trailer since and they've passed...
  4. Fendt516

    Jcb fastrac

    Hi, looking to get a fastrac for summer use to pull trailers. Something cheap and reliable. Is there such an option in fastracs?
  5. Fendt516

    Case 4240

    My feed wagon tractor has died. Crankshaft broken! Been told £4,500 to fix it!! Does anyone know of another engine I can drop in it? Or a price of what another engine may cost? Does it really cost this much for the repair of mine?!!
  6. Fendt516

    Pallet fork backing plate

    As title suggests, after a backing plate for pallet forks. With it without the forks and ideally with euro brackets but not imperative . Needed for a project so doesn't have to be toooo tidy
  7. Fendt516

    Rabbit netting

    Approx 100 rolls of used rabbit netting used for fencing boundaries of cauli fields. Any ideas of what it may be worth to someone??
  8. Fendt516

    Case 1390

    I have one of the above which is used as a scraper tractor. Recently the hydrolics have slowed to the point it takes soooo long for them to drop!! They raise as they should. There is a speed valve in the cab which seems to be set fully to the max. Anyone any ideas of what's madder widden as my...
  9. Fendt516

    GS3 green star (twit nav!!)

    I have just installed the above in a case cvx puma. Does anyone know if it can be linked to the tractor so the performance monitors work?? Or is that just there for connection to a John Deere tractor??
  10. Fendt516

    GPS receiver

    I'm after a GPS receiver for a case cvx puma if anyone can assist??