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  1. shakerator

    Late Nitrogen for protein and lodging

    I have some tallish wheat which probably has a lodging risk if we were to get a windy storm early July (despite strong pgr- v fertile ground) It probably wants more soluble N to achieve milling spec. I don’t have facilities for foliar treatment….my question is do I risk increasing biomass /...
  2. shakerator

    £200/t wheat ...

    Buys you less than £140/t wheat 2 years ago .... Official inflation 2.8% Discuss
  3. shakerator

    % winter cropping complete poll

    Simple poll , as I don’t believe certain surveys !
  4. shakerator

    Can anyone explain this

    Oats coming in last night at 13% moisture oats tested this morning 19% no rain just overnight humidity thanks !
  5. shakerator

    Ergot standards and the EU Not disputing the rationale for reducing the tolerances , & obviously we will export some grain , .....but why is zero mention made of the tiny detail that we are no...
  6. shakerator

    Paying agronomist by yield results !

    Any thoughts on this !
  7. shakerator

    Applying lime with muck/ compost

    If you got the lime mixed with your muck, and an even spread, are there any advantages or disadvantages to doing this other than less accuracy, and doing 2 jobs with 1 pass? TIA
  8. shakerator

    Hormone herbicides and frost

    Spring wheat - still some broadleaf areas to do Arylex and mcpa type products Am I best waiting until the frosts pass towards end of the week, or ok to crack on ? thoughts please
  9. shakerator

    Manganese deficiencies worse than usual ?

    Has anyone noticed worse than usual mn deficiencies in crops coming into spring ? Especially in the concrete like soils
  10. shakerator

    Uk wheat crop prediction 2020

    My guess is 7million tonnes
  11. shakerator

    Airports re open For pickers ...
  12. shakerator

    Budget prediction 2020

    What will be targeted ?
  13. shakerator

    Main drain running full bore

    Out of interest , is it possible to put the suction hose of a pump into a main drain that is running pull bore, to move the water downstream quicker and give gravity a bit of help ?
  14. shakerator

    Drainage trench width

    Hi if a drain trench was bucket width, instead of a trencher, standard depth, with the additional bedding gravel underneath and by the side of the pipe to support , would it draw more groundwater because of this increased volume ?
  15. shakerator

    Linseed straw yield

    What would be a modest straw yield from a decent linseed crop per acre please ?
  16. shakerator

    Synthetic vitamin b12 contains cyanide

    Animal based doesn’t Discuss !
  17. shakerator

    Despite the rain ...

    and no t3 in some situations .... There seem virtually no ear diseases .... Too early ?
  18. shakerator

    Spring crop fungicide plans

    I haven’t yet applied anything as crops are spotless. Would it be stupid to leave it this way? Spring oats I would happily leave , planet barley I think I’ve always had some sort of response to a 2 spray- but crop is at paintbrush and clean as a whistle. Thinking light touch CTL plus low dose...
  19. shakerator

    Rigging a batch biomass boiler for steam

    not for turbine/ generation but for steam processing instead of hot water at 90c, steam at 105c....possible?
  20. shakerator

    Atlantis or redrill!

    poor residual performance Little to no rain given Warm soil , 1 leaf BG.... Could it work .....?