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  1. turbo

    Problem with vaderstad drill

    I am having trouble with my 4m vaderstad drill,it will not stay up out of the ground it keeps dropping down,changed the coupling and swapped to a different spool on the tractor and it still does it,what should I look at next before I ring up the dealers Many thanks
  2. turbo

    Vaderstad tyre pressure

    Just wondering what people run their pressure at on a 4m rdp drill
  3. turbo

    Grain maize

    Seems like hardly any ww is going to get planted here this year and just wondering wether grain maize is worth considering,Anyone who has done it in the past care to share the good and bad points of growing it
  4. turbo

    Bean settings on a jd cts combine

    As above really,haven’t cut beans for years and haven’t cut them with this combine so just wondering what others are running them at Many thanks
  5. turbo

    Work trousers

    used to get my work trousers from aldi but they have changed in the last year and are not as good as they were,so my question is where does everyone get their trousers from? I am on the larger size and l like elesticated waist bands as it’s more comfortable to sit down all day so any ideas would...
  6. turbo

    Beans drilling depth

    as above really,not grown beans for a good few years and wondering what depth people are drilling at now we haven’t got simazine as a pre em
  7. turbo

    Jcb 530/70 lack of power

    as above really,seems to be very under powered and when flat out on the road putting a bit of black smoke out,it’s an 04 model with about 3500 hours on it
  8. turbo

    Bbc fake news

    Just been looking at the bbc news app on my phone and they are on about today's anti brexit March in London and the video supposedly of today march showing 100 of thousands of people at it and the Trees are in full leaf , unbelievable
  9. turbo

    Cutting hedges

    I Have been asked to cut a hedge round a grass field that is not registered or any thing claimed on it,do I risk my bps by doing it?
  10. turbo

    Stocks seeder problems

    My old blue stocks seeder has developed a problem,it won't stop putting seed on sometimes either when you stop or turn the seed of on the control box.if you turn the power of it stops but won't start again sometimes.any help great fully received
  11. turbo

    Glyphosate and the soil association

    Anybody else sick of hearing the soil association going on about things like glyphosate and trying to create a scare story out of nothing.its about time we as farmers started pulling their practices to pieces it doesn't need any facts or truth just keep repeating it.
  12. turbo

    Changes to agricultural you would like to see post brexit

    as above really,just thinking what could change to help agriculture.One big change I would like to see is the break up of the environment agency and a return to common sence approach to river maintance and habitat management
  13. turbo

    What will UK agriculture be like out the eu

    As the title really what do you think will happen to UK ag outside the eu,not know anything else so can some of our more enlightened members tell us please
  14. turbo

    KV LD 160/85/9 extra furrow

    As above really looking to turn my 4 f into a 5 f ,anybody know of anyone scraping these ploughs many thanks
  15. turbo

    Home saved seed royalties

    want to put some spring barley in straight out the heap,how do you pay the royalties.
  16. turbo

    13kg propane bottle prices

    As above really what's every body else paying at the moment
  17. turbo

    Blackgrass in spring barley

    Is there any chem that can take out blackgrass out in spring barley.
  18. turbo

    Weaving subdisc

    What are peoples thoughts on these.