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  1. Monty

    Resurfacing rubber rollers

    Hi guys. Has anybody sent a rubber roller off for reconditioning? I've removed the roller from our round baler since it's covered it cut marks from a stanley knife and net wraps round it every fifth bale or so since I knackered it. The cost of new is ridiculous so looking for a cheaper alternative
  2. Monty

    Side hole in teat

    We've just had a heifer calve and annoyingly there is milk dribbling out the side of one teat. We were hoping to sell her in a week or two. Is there anything to do to seal it up or it is it best left alone?
  3. Monty

    Pair of DX compressors

    Bought from a genuine farm sale in situ with a tank but lying around in our shed for a couple of years. £50 to save them from the scrap
  4. Monty

    Oak trunk/bough

    The bough from a big oak tree. 9ft long and around 18 inch diameter for the main part. Reasonably straight. Would mill into a nice beam or gatepost. £40
  5. Monty

    Pair of BN3 tyres

    A pair of BN3 tyres. Good tread. One currently has an 8 stud wheel rim fitted but this has rusted through. £100
  6. Monty

    Trailer headboard

    Home made trailer headboard, 8ft long. Whoever made it did a neat job. Thick aluminium plate and angle for the top with 3 steel box section pieces bolted on. £50
  7. Monty

    Calf dehorning crush

    Dehorning/castrating crush to suit larger calves up to around 4 or 5 months old. Very handy for restraining youngstock. £120
  8. Monty

    JD baler losing pressure

    I was baling round the outside of our main silage field last night to get it out the way before doing the middle today. I got 51 bales 3 times round 30 acres!! We had 36 outside bales from the first cut so there should have been about 25-30 judging by the grass. Bales are coming out very soft in...
  9. Monty

    Tractor died

    So yesterday our mf 4270 died on me. Just finished baling a field pulled out onto the lane and it lost drive. The hydraulics, pto, rev counter, steering all dead too. Not making any nasty noises although one of the hydraulic pumps sounded a bit juddery at low revs 5 mins before it died but...
  10. Monty

    Calf cubicles

    Has anybody put in cubicles for weaned calves before? We have a small loosebox around 12x18ft which is just causing no end of grief with the calves going backwards and struggling in there. Has a concrete floor that seems to slope into it and the bedding is very hard to keep dry in there. Will be...
  11. Monty

    JD baler net

    Just bought a 678 and wondering what net to get for it? It didn't like networx at all but the cotesi that came with it seems to be ok. Also any tips on getting bales out of the door? Some haylage and even dry silage seems to stick in there.
  12. Monty

    Round bale straw chopper spreader thingy

    In the middle of converting an old teagle conventional bale chopper into something that will hopefully spread the straw out like a primex malgar type machine but pto driven. All stripped down, blades and bolt on inner ring removed from the rotor The bearing housing that supports the rotor...
  13. Monty

    Vicon bw1800 wrapper

    I've been thinking about swapping our wrapper with one that can be towed behind the baler to save time. What are these vicon satellite machines like? Are they the same as kverneland ones and are they reliable? Also been considering a mchale 991c but think maybe a satellite would be more stable...
  14. Monty

    Rear discharge spreader gear boxes

    I think the bearings have gone in one of the gearboxes in our bunning spreader. Either that or the coupling to the auger/rotor is knackered. It still turns but there is hellish backlash and play in there and it wobbles all over the place. It's the older type with 3 gearboxes. I've priced a new...
  15. Monty

    Topping with a mower

    I've been experimenting and topped half our night grazing field with the mower on saturday. I'm a bit concerned with the 2 bale to the acre of feg, thistles and cow muck left in a swath on top. The grass doesn't look bad but they're not touching it. Is it worth running through with the tedder to...
  16. Monty

    The lump lottery

    Ok so we've just failed our Tb test today 2 reactors and 4 inconclusives. Roughly 70% of the cows had small lumps the vast majority with both avian and bovine lumps. Both reactors are 1st calf heifers and I think all the inconclusives are too if not 2nd calvers. Similar story last year over half...
  17. Monty

    muck grabs

    I'm a bit fed up with using the bucket to clean out fairly dry fresh loosebox muck. What would be better a proper muck grab or a bucket grab? There's a tidy 1.9m alo muck grab coming up for auction soon what are they like?
  18. Monty

    Tubeless tyres

    I think we're going to get a full set of bkt's for the tractor. Thinking about fitting them myself to save some money. Got a decent bead breaker and levers now but how easy is it to seat the bead on them? Only ever dealt with tubes before.
  19. Monty

    Cattle in ring feeders

    How do you stop a little heifer walking into, lying down and messing in a ring feeder? We've got 1 at the moment doing it. We put her on her own in a loosebox for a few days as a punishment. She seemed to stop for a while but she's now down at our neighbours and back at it again.
  20. Monty

    2 new Ring feeders

    Dad's gone and bought too many so we've got 2 new IAE cattle ring feeders in the way. £190 each or £360 the pair. Or we've got 2 tidy second hand ones £120 each. All heavy duty 20 space deep ones.