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  1. Jimbo

    New toy day

    A friend of mine had the idea of a foldable stone fork as it is a lot safer when on the road plus as it’s coupled with a close fit weight you can weight if for ploughing ect . It can also be separated in minuets to have just the fork for rolling . I’ve a hydraulic top link to come yet for...
  2. Jimbo

    New toy day

    This arrived today . Will get plenty Action here with stones 🙈
  3. Jimbo

    Lely Lotus Tedders

    Good for spreading and night swathing but still use rake in front of Baler .
  4. Jimbo

    Kverneland TL Geospread

    I went from a standard Amazone zam to a tl geo with go screen and there dome . Was originally just going to get a non geo tl with the weigh cell but dealer was pushing the geo and have to say I have no regrets .absolutely love the section control and it’s so accurate it’s unbelievable ! Never...
  5. Jimbo

    Red Diesel?

    What about hedge cutting . We do quite a bit of cutting for farm businesses which will be fine on red but also do there roadside hedges ect . Will this be ok on red ? . Also do some work for people that have maybe bought a farm steading and farm road but don’t have an agricultural business maybe...
  6. Jimbo

    Dust in january

  7. Jimbo

    Grimme cs 150 or scanstone 4 Webber destoner

    No I haven’t 🙈 maybe should now you mention it
  8. Jimbo

    Grimme cs 150 or scanstone 4 Webber destoner

    Yeh I’m starting to think maybe stars aren’t for me with the stone content .
  9. Jimbo

    Grimme cs 150 or scanstone 4 Webber destoner

    Should add that scanstone is an open mouth one
  10. Jimbo

    Grimme cs 150 or scanstone 4 Webber destoner

    Currently running an older Grimme comi web chain driven machine and looking at a changing to a newer belt driven machine . At the moment I’m looking at either a Grimme cs 150 with 6-7 rows of vari stars then 36 mm web and also a scanstone 4 Webber with 37,37,37,32 mm webs. Will be working in...
  11. Jimbo

    Kverneland - Tellus or Tellus Go?

    I do this also 👍 I’ve the go box and seems fine for me .
  12. Jimbo

    New toy day

    It sure is . Heavily pimped 😁
  13. Jimbo

    New toy day

    new seed and Fert hopper picked up today
  14. Jimbo

    Talk me out of a new Hilux

    Friend has an invincible x and it is a nice truck but needs weight in the back as it’s a pretty rough Ride compared to my Ford ranger I would say .
  15. Jimbo

    What front weight ??

    mx multi mass here . 900 kg base weight with the tool Box on front . Can swap that for another 400 kg if I need more weight . Happy with it .
  16. Jimbo

    Which mounted sprayer

    What tractor you putting it on ?
  17. Jimbo

    Centrepoint RTX and Pro 700 boundary recording

    @Chae1 knows about this stuff 😁
  18. Jimbo

    Spring drilling 2021

    I get of fine with it tbh . In the process of changing to new front split hopper just now as old one is starting to give bother with electric metering for seed as can’t get bits now and mechanical gearbox for Fert is slipping a bit so new one will have lemken metering . I like it for being light...
  19. Jimbo

    Spring drilling 2021

    Seed and Fert on the front . Christ it’s windy !! Near blew off the hopper 🙈🤣
  20. Jimbo

    Spring drilling 2021

    Kicking up stoor in fife !!