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  1. Spotty Dog

    Used diesel engine supplier.

    Does anyone know the name of the business in Manby Lincolnshire that sells used generators, engines etc.. They used to be called Winchester Marine then the name changed but i cant remember it. They operate out of old airfield Hangers.
  2. Spotty Dog


    Looking for an Avadex applicator, preferably Horstine , not an old pneumatic fert spreader thanks.
  3. Spotty Dog

    Bourgault duck foot sweeps

    I'm running a Horsch Terrano with Bourgault 7 inch wide duckfoot points but i am only getting around 70 acres before they are worn out. They are made by Blue Armour. Is there a similar point available but with tungsten grafted on to make them last longer ?
  4. Spotty Dog

    TX36 problem

    TX36 combine hydraulics are slow and noisy. Oil level is ok, filter is new. Does it have a suction filter in the bottom of the hydraulic oil tank as it just sound and feels as if there is not enough oil in the system. Hydro drive system is fine.
  5. Spotty Dog

    Fendt error code

    Error code 1D.2.28 coming up on my 828 today but this code isn't in my book. Does anyone know what it is ? The accompanying picture on the dash looked like engine oil pressure but there was no flashing lights or stop warnings and its still running fine.
  6. Spotty Dog

    What make are these spool valve couplings ?

    As title, and where can i get them ? The pic is the rear of a Versatile but they are the same as on my Claas Ares. Each slice has a lever on the lhs to help with attaching the pipe.
  7. Spotty Dog

    Scrap price

    How do i find the scrap price thread ? i thought there was a sticky page for it . Anyway just wanted to say i got £200/tonne for oversize heavy at EMR Blaydon today.
  8. Spotty Dog

    635/130 Manitou engine tickover speed

    My 3yr old 635 ticks over at 950rpm but as soon as i start to pull on the joystick or engage drive it increases to 1150rpm by itself. Is there any way i can alter this myself or is it a laptop job ? Deutz common rail engine.
  9. Spotty Dog

    Inverter Mig Welders

    I need to do some hard facing welding on a site and wondered if an inverter mig would do the job easier than humping my normal mig to the site every time its needed ? Any advice anyone ?
  10. Spotty Dog

    What goes wrong with Fendt vario box ?

    How do Fendt transmissions fail ? Do they just go bang and stop or do they develop a problem gradually ? My 828 has started to 'surge' a little going up hills on the road hauling silage. Feels tranmission related rather than engine.
  11. Spotty Dog

    Tractor driving license

    Can you drive a Telehandler on the road if you just have a tractor licence but no car licence ?
  12. Spotty Dog

    Billericay V Guardian air.

    I've used lilac Billericay bubble jets for a few years now and should renew them for next spring. Had no real issues with them other than the odd blockage . I just wondered what other people think of them and are there any similar alternatives to consider such as Guardian airs or anything else.
  13. Spotty Dog

    Clock stopped on NH7840

    The rev counter and hour meter has stopped on my blue roof 7840, what is likely to be the reason please ? Where does it take its feed from ?
  14. Spotty Dog

    Glyphosate on fallow.

    When can i spray off Fallow arable land? Is it July 1st or 15th ?
  15. Spotty Dog

    Fendt engine oil temp

    Fault code for engine oil temperature comes up regularly on my 63 reg 828. Fitted new sensor but still comes on . Engine coolant temperature is fine. Removed oil temp sensor and fitted a generic temp sender and a gauge in cab a a temporary measure. According to the gauge the oil temp is...
  16. Spotty Dog

    Valmet lost No3 powershift

    Number 3 powershift disappeared for a while this afternoon, then came back again just as i got back into the yard. Its a Valmet 8400 4wd. Its had new buttons fitted onto the top of the gear lever recently so they are probably not the problem. I wondered if there are solenoids that operate the...
  17. Spotty Dog

    Fiat 90 series

    Are any of the Fiat 90 series 40k road speed or are they just 30k ?
  18. Spotty Dog

    This has to be a scam ??

    This is on ebay, please tell me its a scam...
  19. Spotty Dog

    Sacrificing farm land during a flood to protect properties downstream

    I farm arable land next to the river Tyne in Northumberland. The EA have decided they want to reduce the height of the flood bank surrounding my land in order to let it flood when the river rises and hold water to protect houses in the village downstream. Have any forum members anywhere else in...
  20. Spotty Dog

    What to use to clean plastic diesel tank and front mudguards ?

    As title. The tanks and mudguards on my Claas 836 are really faded now and i'd like to bring them back to the proper black colour they are when new. What do people use ? I've tried cab interior dashboard type cleaner but its not permanent .