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  1. Thomas Simpson

    Bruchid beetle, is it worth spraying for any more?

    With these 20 degree days are people bothering spraying winter beans anymore for bruchid beetle. Hallmark zeon is the only one left but it may kill more beneficials than beetles.
  2. Thomas Simpson

    Situation Vacant Skilled tractor driver wanted in N.Yorkshire (autumn 2020)

    Family farm looking for a full time mechanically minded arable operator to be part of a small team on a 2200 acre north Yorkshire arable farm. We are an all arable farm growing a range of combinables, including wheat, barley, , linseed, oats and beans. We are using direct drilling , strip...
  3. Thomas Simpson

    Direct drilling and kerb

    With moving to more direct drilling with a disc drill do people still use kerb in osr? We cultivated with the carrier before drilling this year after astrokerb. The label says ploughing after kerb.
  4. Thomas Simpson

    John Deere 750a hopper extensions

    What is the easy way to extend the hopper on the 750a? Is there a kit you can buy or just get a fabrication firm to make one up? Thank you
  5. Thomas Simpson

    Starter fertilizer

    Looking to put liquid starter fertiliser on the osr and spring barley with the drill and was wondering what products and rates people were using, thank you.
  6. Thomas Simpson

    What’s the best direct drill for dealing with big stones?

    Our land is mostly light and easy working land but it has the issue of big stones either big flat limestone slabs, big sandstones or big boulders. Which direct drill in peoples experience copes best with stones either tine or disc?
  7. Thomas Simpson

    What starter fertilizer to use for spring barley?

    Looking to direct drill spring barley into cover crops this next year and was wondering if to apply a starter fertilizer and what mix people are using? The drill doesnt currently have the capability but its something we are looking at. Thank you.
  8. Thomas Simpson

    What cover crop to grow after wheat to sp barley?

    Looking to grow a cover crop after the wheat and put sp barley in, it will need to be EFA approved.We have winter beans and oilseed rape in the rotation, but I was recommended black oats and bingo vetch to use as it isnt supposed to intefere with the beans but pgro say its best not to. It will...
  9. Thomas Simpson

    Where to find information on a Law Denis m30 seed treater?

    We have bought a law Denis M30 seed treater but we cant find a manual or any information on how to use it. Does anybody know anything about them please or where to find a instruction book?
  10. Thomas Simpson

    Any Information on a Law Denis m30 seed treater

    We have recently bought a 2nd hand one but have no manual so looking for some information or a manual on it please.
  11. Thomas Simpson

    20t trailer

    Looking at getting a larger corn trailer just for cereals. What are peoples experiences with 20t trailers, do you need to go tri axle and what size tractor do you need on them to handle them safely?
  12. Thomas Simpson

    Has anyone fitted 2m tall tyres on a T7 series Newholland?

    Just looking to get some fresh row crops for our t7 270. Its on small 420/80r46 at the minute we are looking at fitting 420/95r50, which are 2m tall.They would fit but not leave alot of room. In Europe they seem to fit the 650/85r38 and 710/70r42 which are the same equivalent size as these row...
  13. Thomas Simpson

    Trimble base station

    We have access (pay a fee) to a trimble base station to use for RTK, are we tied to trimble gps equipment for good?
  14. Thomas Simpson

    Has anyone had the feeder gearbox replaced on their case axial flow

    We are just trying to find out if other people have had the gearbox replaced on the feedin elevator of their axial flow as we have heard rumours of other ones being replaced. It was a big bill to replace it. You can see on the photo (if its uploaded) how little hold its had and how could you...
  15. Thomas Simpson

    Wanted, front linkage for case magnum

    We are looking for front linkage for case magnum 7230 (non pro series).
  16. Thomas Simpson

    What GPS accuracy for combining?

    Running a case axial flow 9230 with 35ft header with a pro 700 box and looking at the options in omnistar for this harvest. Would egnos be okay are should we upgrade to an omnistar package. Last yr the dealer paid for HP but thats is £630 for 3 months,It did work well though. Just interesting...
  17. Thomas Simpson

    Anybody spraying on 650s all year round?

    Looking at swapping tractors to pull our 5000l trailed sprayer, instead of having to change the tractor 16.9 row crops i was thinking of leaving it on 650s all year round. We don't dessicate our osr or wheat we have a high clearance contractor do that and I was wondering if there are people out...
  18. Thomas Simpson

    fendt 724 is it man enough?

    Had one on demo for a few days, I liked it alot, the build quality was top draw. Its main job would be pulling a 5000l 30m chafer trailed sprayer with liquid n so pulling a heavy load with row crops on some steep awkard banks and they could be greasy and i want a stable tractor to boss the...
  19. Thomas Simpson

    Roundup Max vs Generic Glyphosate for dessication in OSR

    Has anybody any preferences for the use of either with pod stick, as 2kg of roundup max is nearly double the cost of 4 litres of 360 and wetter! Does the roundup max work faster?