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  1. chaffcutter

    Clean IBC’s, need to clear space

    A dozen clean and straight IBC’s, all ex trace element spray so nothing toxic, offers? Could deliver at cost if required. @chaffcutter 07802-793-087 near Lichfield.
  2. chaffcutter

    Air dryer for compressor?

    Anyone given up on robots got a secondhand air dryer available? I’ve been told that they need one on the airline to run. Want one to feed a sandblaster.
  3. chaffcutter

    Air dryer for compressor?

    We have a small sandblaster which we run off a Hydrovane type compressor, but have never had it working 100% and we are told we need an air dryer. Anyone had experience of one of these/ As we only use it occasionally is it possible to hire one anywhere ? Any info much appreciated thanks.
  4. chaffcutter

    Glue traps for rats and mice illegal shortly

    New legislation will soon make them illegal. We have used them in grain sores to keep mice in check, we obviously can’t use poisoned bait in that situation, what is the situation with using baited traps? Would the bait be a problem? Is a trap where they drop into water legal?
  5. chaffcutter

    Anyone used Montana Flotation tyres, any good?

    As title, never heard of them but fitted to a trailer I was looking at.
  6. chaffcutter

    Straw in the swath, auction results 2021

    Hi, anyone selling straw this harvest, what's the market like where you are?
  7. chaffcutter

    Anyone recommend a bag filling bucket for a loadall?

    After all the replies about a bag handler recently, I have been discussing the safety concerns or comments with our men. Obviously the one area is lifting bags filling drills, and although they are only too aware to never be under a bag at height, they asked if we couldn’t avoid using multi use...
  8. chaffcutter

    Cashback on Michelin tyres

    Posted in Off topic but thought I would alert more to this offer here, if you buy new Michelin for your vehicle this month they are giving £100 cashback either in cash to your bank or a loaded card. Must buy from their approved dealers but very easy to claim online by uploading the invoice.
  9. chaffcutter

    Recommend me a big bag handling attachment?

    The discussions in the safety threads have prompted me to get a proper big bag handler, one that will carry two one tonne bags. Tried an internet search but there’s a lot of junk on there. Any ideas for best makes please.
  10. chaffcutter

    Recommend me a decent colour printer/scanner with reasonable refill costs--or doesn't this exist?

    Working from home with the computer at present but have to get to the office to print anything, need a decent printer at home. As title, any recommendations? there are hundreds on line to choose from!
  11. chaffcutter

    Anyone scrapping an Accord drill?

    Looking for a 24 slot Accord distribution head, with a 24:8 reducer either together or separately, its only for a project on a 3m p/h. for sowing bird food strips etc.
  12. chaffcutter

    Ferguson land drive fertiliser spreader

    Looking for one to go behind my TE20 to dress the horse paddocks, our normal kit is all too big!!! Pm @chaffcutter (Clive’s Dad)
  13. chaffcutter

    Can you change from Cover Crops to Catch Crops for greening ?

    Anyone got any ideas on this, the weather has mucked up our cropping plans and it would be good if we could change a cover to catch.
  14. chaffcutter

    The casual labour situation, crisis or no problem?

    After a lot of noise about the forcoming crisis in veg and fruit production a few months ago, it’s all gone very quiet. Have producers managed to get enough foreign labour in, has the appeal for furloughed workers been a success, what’s happening out there?
  15. chaffcutter

    Replacement Simba bearings

    We have a 12m set of Simba rolls. We also used to have a Simba press and this had the same bearings, which sit in a pressed steel housing fixed by four bolts. These bearings always seemed to be loose on the shafts, which I am told is correct, but they go on a regular basis and hold the job up...
  16. chaffcutter

    What are you doing to stay clear of Coronavirus?

    As above, anyone making changes to your routine or lifestyle to try and avoid it?
  17. chaffcutter

    New Electricity Connection - alternative contractors?

    Just had a quote from Western Power to connect a new shed to the transformer on our land 100m away and there is an option to get an alternative quote, has anyone in their supply area used a different contractor at all? Google seems a bit shy on suppliers unless you are connecting a housing...
  18. chaffcutter

    The prize for championing farming goes to..........MacDonalds !

    The current MaccyD’s advertising campaign is the best bit of support we’ve seen for ages imo......discuss
  19. chaffcutter

    Javid promises BPS at same level for 2020

    .....and continuing support through the new system after we leave at the end of the year. No details yet, broad brush approach and a lot of work to do yet!
  20. chaffcutter

    Boris’s manifesto promises farm support at current levels for the next five years

    This is reported in the daily wail today, got to be good news?