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  1. pine_guy

    Kuhn plough

    Don’t suppose anyone is breaking a Kuhn plough? My cross shaft broke on my 120 this morning. It’s a 50mm shaft part number 589009. Haven’t managed to even fund one to borrow, newer ploughs seem to be on a thicker shaft, which would work if the bolt on lugs where available too.
  2. pine_guy

    DIY AI and buying semen

    So this year for the first time we are going to do some AI. My headsman is AI trained and just had his refresher course. So we can buy whatever we want and not be tied to one company. The question is, having not bought semen before, where to go for it. We have spoke to semex as the rep called in...
  3. pine_guy

    DD AB13 stewardship mix into grass stubble.

    So as part of my stewardship scheme I have to grow 4Ha of brassica, on option AB13, so no sprays. Assume it’s designed for stubbles after winter barley, but I eat to use it as a break in some grassland that needs reseeding, 20+ old leys. intend to put it in with my old rickety Moore. just...
  4. pine_guy

    Parts for ECE spreaders.

    The bearings have gone in a gearbox for one of the beaters on my ECE spreader. When we’ve got it to bits, a shaft that I new had a twist in it, now has cracks. I would like to replace this shaft, but can’t find one, as apparently parts for ECE spreaders are really hard to get now. I don’t...
  5. pine_guy

    Auto drafting race and herringbone race

    So I’m looking at a secondhand auto drafting race, we can’t site it on the parlour exit as not enough room due to access needed with machinery through yard. there is an old Dutch barn across the yard which we use for feed and general purpose storage. It’s along side the cubicle shed and I’m...
  6. pine_guy

    concrete railway sleepers - Cambridgeshire to Carlisle

    two loads of loose concrete railway sleepers from PE15 8QJ to just south of carlisle. As the sleepers are loose and not stacked, it will requite a flatbed with strong side supports or at least 3 droppable sides
  7. pine_guy


    I have a selection of pipe that was used with a haylage tower we took down last year. It is much heavier duty than ventilating ducting. I think it is 17" but need to check exact measurements. Mixture of lengths, straight and bends. There will be some clamps to join them. The pieces with cut ends...
  8. pine_guy

    Carpet farming collection.

    Collection of Mostly Bruder farm toys. Really just looking for local collection near Carlisle. £150 the lot. It’s on facebook so first come first served basis. Description on photos below. thanks for looking.
  9. pine_guy

    Situation Vacant Junior/assistant heardsperson.

    Due to a key playing member of staff having to take time off for an operation and recovery, I am in the need of a member of staff. I currently do a large portion of the milking, but am looking for someone to fill that role so I can move out onto the yard in my head guys absence. The correct...
  10. pine_guy

    Plate meter

    Going to buy one, don’t really know much about them. Are they all much the same, or are there better ones to be had?
  11. pine_guy

    Double exhaust clamp

    Any idea what these are called? Want to clamp 1” pipe to 1.5” Google is gaining me can’t use key clamps as one pipe is welded in place
  12. pine_guy

    Pulborough to Carlisle

    Looking to move a 3m Moore seed drill from Pulborough to Carlisle.
  13. pine_guy

    Crewe to Carlisle concrete sleepers.

    Looking for artic transport of concrete sleepers next week from Crewe, CW2 5AA, to my farm just south of Carlisle. Up to 3 loads. Good access, google maps says 140 miles. PM me with price or more details if required.
  14. pine_guy

    Wheels for rear discharge spreader

    my spreader is on wide Russian tyres and at this time of year we do a bit of road work to some out lying ground. So looking for some narrower second hand wheels to put on for the summer use when ground is hard.
  15. pine_guy

    Sanquhar to Carlisle.

    Bought some second hand cubicles at Sanquhar (between Dumfries and Glasgow on A76) and looking for transport back to 10 miles south of Carlisle.
  16. pine_guy

    SB and SO into very old pasture

    So as some of you know, I have been playing about with DD. Put some WB in late October last year with a SimTech demo and I've put some spring barley in 2 weeks ago with a friend Horsch C04 which he has just converted to 5" dutch openers with the open foot. Now I have 20 acre of very old...
  17. pine_guy

    Britmilk powder

    Looking for a price on a pallet of Britmilk calf content or sure start. Delivery Carlisle.
  18. pine_guy

    DDing in the Carlisle area.

    Hi, I’m interested in DD although haven’t had the chance to study/read up on it as much as I’d like. Is there anyone in the north cumbria or Carlisle area with a drill I could see working? Have some WB to go in and consider trialing some DD.
  19. pine_guy

    Long pipe on Vac slurry tanker

    I’m thinking of hiring a bigger tanker for a couple of days to do some longer leads. But wouldn’t be able to get right up to the reception pit. Would probably only get within 25 yards. It is level ground and can keep reception pit full (out of a tower). Would using a long pipe (6”) make much...
  20. pine_guy


    cleaning a loft out, found a few parts from yesterday year. Are these any use or interest to anyone before I scrap them ?