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  1. sheepdogtrail

    Cat 2/3 balls. Who has them in stock?

    I have looked all over the USA and I can find anyone with lower link balls that have a cat 3 hole (1 7/16), but are diameter of a cat 2 ball. I have been told it is at least 4 weeks out as they need to come from the EU. I have checked spaldings and sparex. Any idea on who may have them in the...
  2. sheepdogtrail

    Implement price increase in the UK.

    I have been recently looking at purchasing some new seedbed prep tools here in the US and I am seeing a 40% - 45% increase in prices over last year for new equipment and new machines that no one has in stock for the sizes that I am looking for. Everything has to be ordered now for Feb/March...
  3. sheepdogtrail

    1 month old lamb can not walk on front feet.

    I have a lamb (see video) that is 1 month old who had a touch of scald on all four feet. I caught him and treated him with Iodine and Zinc sulfate which took care of the scald in a day or so. He was in with a group of lambs his own age for a few days before I found him lying down and not able to...
  4. sheepdogtrail

    Ewe Issues

    Posting for a friend. 4 y/o ewe that was penned for shearing when another ewe charged and whacked her. This video is post 5 days of the event. Any ideas? Video link is below: