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  1. jerseycowsman

    New cubicle prices

    We spent £150 each on some iae ones that included a fancy mattress back February before everyone went silly, luckily. They are the same as what were already here, didn’t want the cows being selective
  2. jerseycowsman

    What makes you efficient?

    Block calving, cow tracks and grazing as much grass and clover as possible, keep it simple
  3. jerseycowsman

    Feeding silage

    f**k me, that’s given me ideas. I tried putting it out in the paddock before but put out too much too thick! that’s a lovely clean job
  4. jerseycowsman

    Mastitis: drying off quarters

    I always put 2 tubes in the dried off quarter at dry off. Seems to help bring it back for next lactation
  5. jerseycowsman

    Mastitis: drying off quarters

    That’s interesting. I shall try that
  6. jerseycowsman

    Red tractor

    So urea may volitalise and some may disappear into the atmosphere if applied in warm weather without rain imminent. But doesn’t AN leach out of the soil far more than urea based N? Isn’t this 6 of of 1 and half a dozen of the other? Plus AN is acidic and more harmful to soil biota than urea
  7. jerseycowsman

    Jersey Thread - For all things Jersey

    Breeding by numbers with no interest in the pedigree, which is how the Dane’s do it, doesn’t cut it for me. We have used danish stuff in the past with some success, but lately they’ve been hopeless for bad feet, poor cell count and low fertility, all the things they are not supposed to be. But...
  8. jerseycowsman

    powerline compensation

    I expect they will take 20% of it for themselves! But if you get more, let us know. We must have about 20 in the middle of fields with a surrounding area of bare earth where the cows all mill about rubbing their heads on the pole etc.
  9. jerseycowsman

    Heat stress

    Heat stress ain’t never gonna be a problem in Cornwall
  10. jerseycowsman

    Teat dip

    We predip when they are in, otherwise, we don’t use it unles it’s windy, stops the teats drying out too bad. Bactoscan in 20 or 30 and scc between 100 and 130 on300 cows
  11. jerseycowsman

    Teat dip

    We don’t bother
  12. jerseycowsman

    Muller bomb scare

    That animal rebellion lot said they were going to shut down dairy processing sites! If they do, I am quite willing to hook my slurry tanker and drive for a couple of hours to spray them in you know what!
  13. jerseycowsman

    Mower for dairy

    You don’t want to do pre mowing with a conditioner on, the grass will heat up and go off quick.
  14. jerseycowsman

    Protein levels in grazed grass

    Yes, usually graze much higher covers than what the experts say I should. Not always pre mow though, always do one round of pre mowing through may, then some times another through late July August
  15. jerseycowsman

    Protein levels in grazed grass

    No, it’s pre mown down to 2300
  16. jerseycowsman

    Protein levels in grazed grass

    Our urea’s have been low throughout, we normally feed a 14% nut, but been on a 16 all season so far
  17. jerseycowsman

    Protein levels in grazed grass

    We’ve had a sample back today, was pre mowed and eaten 3 weeks ago and then had 20 units of N. That is 12ME and 23% protein and about 4500 kg DM. Everyone will say that’s to high covers, but I do what I think is right, don’t care what everyone else says! Cows are averaging 24 litres a day at 5.1...
  18. jerseycowsman

    spot milk market

    Why won’t you sign a contract?
  19. jerseycowsman


    Well, it’s quite likely the American one is a cross bred anyway!
  20. jerseycowsman


    I think the @Jerseycowman needs to change his name after this heinous crime of mentioning xbreeding on jerseys!