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  1. MDA

    Sumo DD Summer/Autumn drilling

    Hello all, Updates and comments from this summer/autumn's drilling campaign for our new DD demo drill new customers drills. Firstly I will kick it off with this, back in the early spring one of the first demos we did in February was drilling Kilburn wheat into a grass ley that been mucked with...
  2. MDA

    Sumo DD Spring Drilling

    Hello all, I thought I would start a thread on here to show the progress of our new direct drill throughout the coming season for everyone to see, comment on and add to. We are currently getting the drill ready for spring demos with some final small adjustments and a small trial in a few local...
  3. MDA

    Strategic tillage

    Some of the issues the soil scientist Yash Dang is describing in this clip, in his view, with the prelonged use of zero-till are exactly the problems zero-till'ers say will be improved by this system over time. Is he right, or is the UK zero-till system incomparable to that of Australia, and is...
  4. MDA

    Sumo DTS 4.8

    For Sale- Sumo 4.8m DTS seed drill new Oct 2013 Spec; 15 rows @320mm Hydraulically pressurised ground contour control Front serrated trash cutting discs 5" double shoot seed openers Auto-reset tungsten edged front loosening legs (upto 250mm working depth) Pnuematic angled press wheels with...
  5. MDA

    Companion Plants in OSR

    Just read an interesting article on companion planting a legume mix alongside osr as a method of inter row weed control. It is claimed it would also mop up nitrogen and other nutrents that would potentially be lost over winter and also contributes to soil structure and drainage of the land...
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    The new Versatile Delta Track, contender for the Quadtrac?