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  1. Poorbuthappy

    Graham Edwards power deck.

    Rather than pollute Neil's Gamic thread, thought I'd better start a new one. Anyone got / had the power deck on the G Edwards livestock trailer? Early ones were a bit slow, but I understand they doubled the speed? Any comments good or bad? Not looking for "buy a gamic" comments for various...
  2. Poorbuthappy

    Laying hens and bird scarer

    Daughter's laying hens have gone off their lay and we think it's down to neighbour's bird scarer going off just up the valley. Every time it goes off they freeze. Had 1 day with zero eggs this week, from 100 hens.🙁 Anyone else had this trouble? Better to talk nicely to the neighbour or will...
  3. Poorbuthappy

    Scunthorpe area

    Looking for a fridge van, which is proving a difficult find in itself. Potential van in Scunthorpe area which is hell of a long way to go and look if it turns out to be no good. Not sure on feasibility of this but any recommendations for an independent mechanic in the area to pay to check it...
  4. Poorbuthappy

    FW awards

    Congratulations to @TimW. Much deserved and all good publicity 😀 Any other winners members on here (and happy to be revealed.
  5. Poorbuthappy

    Beaurocratic nonsense.

    Following the dreaded FABBL inspection, it seems my only crime was to have allowed my animal transporter authorisation to slip out of date. Now this piece of paper in itself I have previously described as a "certificate to say you have a certificate". The latter being the Certificate of welfare...
  6. Poorbuthappy

    Adam Henson and almonds

    Henson speaking some sense about the environmental cost of vegan alternatives. Apologies if its been posted elsewhere, surprised I hadn't seen it brought up.
  7. Poorbuthappy

    Panel and inverter quality price differences.

    Are the "premium" brands worth the extra? Plenty offering 4kw panel array for £4-4.5k. Had a quote for nearer £6k to include inverter (solar edge) with up to 20 year warranty and panels (JA) with 12 year product and 25 year linear output warranty. Will I see that back in better output, or is it...
  8. Poorbuthappy

    Unilever jumping on the regenerative bandwagon. Setting there own definition 🙄 Some pretty spurious figures in there, like "livestock and crop farming use...
  9. Poorbuthappy

    Something different in the pick up line

    Not sure what I think about the looks🤔 Like the versatility though. Guess the price will mean it won't be my worry, if it ever does come over here 1 day.
  10. Poorbuthappy

    Transport of meat as hanging carcass.

    Have the potential to supply 1 or 2 London butchers with meat, but really struggling with transport. Everyone we've tried wants it boxed. This is no good if your butcher wants a whole carcass to hang and cut himself. Anybody do this and know of options?
  11. Poorbuthappy

    Rear discharge spreader RH19 to EX16

    If anyone can help. Dealer is getting some quotes, but if it works in with anything for anyone...
  12. Poorbuthappy

    Hisun electric utv

    Anybody tried one? I'm guessing its a Chinese offering? Looks very competitively priced, but whether its up to farm work? I see a couple SW dealers selling them. Any other utv/ quad electric options coming ? Isn't there a polaris Ranger in electric- is that available here?
  13. Poorbuthappy

    WANTED: Traditional breed weaners

    Preferably within 1 hour of Ex16. GOS, Large Black, Saddleback or similar young weaners wanted. (Or crosses) 5-10 wanted. Thanks
  14. Poorbuthappy

    In lamb ewes for sale

    Highlander and Highlander x ewes for sale. Scanned in lamb. Due from April 1st. Flock ages. Up to 100 available. £100 for singles. £120 for doubles. In lamb to good charolais and Beltex x Berrichon rams (can be seen). Outdoor lambing flock. Flock reduction due to losing some grass keep.
  15. Poorbuthappy


    Am I the only 1 who gets fed up with this website? There password requirements are tighter than my banks! And then, every now and again I try to log in and it tells me my password / username is not valid. Username is fine so I type in password again. No good. Maybe I've remembered it wrong so I...
  16. Poorbuthappy

    Advertising working dogs/ puppies

    I see in the MVF newsletter they say they will be unable to advertise pets/ working dogs/ puppies due to a change in the law. I presume this is something to try and clamp down on "puppy farms" but anyone know any sense? @Clive will this affect advertising them on here do you know? How are we...
  17. Poorbuthappy

    Pigs and spuds

    Have acquired a ton of waste spuds and have been feeding them to the pigs. A friend has told us that's a no no for pigs. A quick Google suggests there's toxins under the skin that are harmful in large quantities, but some say not a problem unless silly amounts. There's no green ones. Anyone...
  18. Poorbuthappy

    Zolvix gun spares

    Anyone managed to source spares for these guns? Will ask in local suppliers but wondered if anyone found an online source? Particularly looking for the silly bit of plastic that holds the end of the plunger in the handle.
  19. Poorbuthappy

    Weed id

    I know I should know, but.... Common enough. And is it poisonous to pigs?