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    Kelvin's Farm on BBC

    Painful to watch
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    What's the lowest temp into your tank?

    At work we have milking going through 2 plate coolers one bore hole and one from ice bank it hits the silo at 1.9-3.5 depending on weather. The silo compressors never kick in. Both compressors for ice bank are doing heat exchange similar to the one above.
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    Xbox external hdd

    Hello Son has an Xbox one, he's got a game pass which means he can download games etc. He's now asking for an external hard drive to store more games on. Can we get a standard external one or does it need to be specifically for an xbox. If anyone has one they have bought could you post a...
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    Worst holstein bulls that I,ve used

    Genus firefly
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    New toy day

    On a large estate where I used to work they have cut around 2900 - 3200 acres depending on cropping for dairys etc since 2006 with one combine New Holland CR first two 30ft cut and next two 35ft and I'm now lead to believe it's 40ish ft. The last few years they have finished cutting 2 to 3 weeks...
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    Defender chassis

    my wife’s toy finished just need to collect her. Be more to do another day when funds allow.
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    Defender chassis

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    Defender chassis

    Chassis has been collected by the garage doing the work and they have split her today. Eeeeeek. Thankfully the only extra thing they have found we didn't know about is a knackered fuel filler pipe so gonna get that replaced as well.
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    Defender chassis

    Been talking to my wife and as well as reading advice on here, gonna get it done at a local garage. They will fit a chassis of my choice with new brake lines etc for £1500, labour. Would love to fit it myself but time is gonna be a big constraint. While it’s apart I’m gonna get a new clutch...
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    Defender chassis

    After some opinions, my 1998 defender 110 300 tdi went for mot today and I knew I was gonna be pushing it with chassis rot on the rear cross member. Me and my wife was hoping to get another year or so before we swapped the chassis. I’ve spoken to one garage who said when they change them it’s...
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    Best auto footbath

    Boumatic one here. Can set the refresh rate on the filler or pc have it set here to refresh every hour during milking. Only down side is waiting for it to empty on a quick milking or it’s empty before you finish milking on a slow one. Worth its weight in gold though saves a lot of hassle.
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    Wartime threshing memories

    Would be good if someone could collate and make into a book all the old story’s and even some modern ones. A chap I work with is full of them he could write his own series of books, his words no one wants to listen to an old fool like me. I said you would be surprised who would read it. Like...
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    Which 3 TFFers would you like to have dinner with?

    @Clive for his green egg BBQ @Nick for his straight talking. @Robert K for his love of organisation and tidiness.
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    Wood burner recommendations.

    Woodwarm had one at my last job! Gave loads of heat and could put one log on it and it will still be warm in the morning!
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    Parlour Jars

    Anyone got a spare jar, want to make a lamp for the house. Worked on loads of farms and seen them worked in the skip. Parents would never let me take one home.
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    Having had various pcs Over the years. Been trying to sort out photos that we have taken. Got most on a hard drive or various cds is there any software that could pull them all together in one place and chuck out duplicates and arrange them in date order or something. Will take a month of...
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    New Defender

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    New Defender

    Test drive new one today and it’s lush, agree with Clive it’s not a defender though. Be better if it had a new name, bit like when ford went from escort to focus it they had called it an escort still it wouldn’t work. Will have to wait a few years for it to be in my price league though. 300tdi...
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    Which site radio for in the shed

    Got a Makita here if buying one look for dab+ loads of new stations are on dab+ not just dab. I’ve found out the hard way.
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    A calf’s second feed

    I’m guessing if didn’t treat any scours then system must be working so guessing the farmer used a total of 10ml of nuflor which is a couple of calves. Well done!