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  1. wdah/him

    Kverneland t8 wrapper

    As a general note what are the T8 wrappers like do they give many problems, currently have a 991be and need something quicker few of these on donedeal, not got good views on hs 200 as most have done big numbers.
  2. wdah/him

    Cows or no cows

    Id be more intersted to see where all the money is being spent on cattle, is all the machinery needed. We have ground further from home but dad wants us to bale it, i think it would make more sense to pay a man t mow and bale it while we do some other baling elsewhere as we can get more done in...
  3. wdah/him

    Wrapping bales query

    No not an eco, we always noticed how easy it was compared to figures others quoted for other brands, ie we could easily mow 60 acres with a 9ft krone on 50 gallon of fuel but a nh8360 would couldnt mow 50 acres with a 10ft jd or kv to 60 gallon? tank. Dont even compare it to JD of the time...
  4. wdah/him

    Wrapping bales query

    meant over all work it has done from I started recording this spring, power harrowing was 12.5 litres an hour for example. Very badly explained above but i prefer to work out average for basing a price on that includes travel fuel. Last monday was 142 litres, 14 hrs 212 bales. 115 were silage...
  5. wdah/him

    Round baling silage cost

    Help to get it done is harder to get I find at times than actually getting the job to make sense financially. We have ground 14 miles away and while I would like to pay a local farmer near it to mow and bale dad thinks that makes no sense as we have our own baler. My thinking is I could be...
  6. wdah/him

    Wrapping bales query

    I'm doing about 2 bales a litre here with an old 8400 valmet and mc hale 5500. That's light crops heavy crops hills etc averaged over the last 800ish bales, all travel vel included. Have done a bit with a mxm case 140 but not measured it as valmet is main baling tractor and case is for mowing...
  7. wdah/him

    Boss with early stages of dementia

    From a job prospect could you and him have a work record diary for each day. Record numbers etc dosing used etc for reference, not as proof u were wrong but as check for the business and clear records easy to hand. Also can a whiteboard be put up somewhere for stuff to be ordered or delivery...
  8. wdah/him

    The NI/ROI Protocol

    My mistake, yes meant UK, for a small place of 2 Islands there are many names, too many really.
  9. wdah/him

    The NI/ROI Protocol

    Last time I checked NI was a part of Great Britain, so a sea border could easily go between EU and Great Britain and Ireland, just another way of looking at the sea border issue place it somewhere else, perhaps it has been looked at and turned down. I understood that quite a bit of trade...
  10. wdah/him

    The NI/ROI Protocol

    why not just put the border where the eu mainland ends, obviously anything then going to a tiny part of the eu will be via road through britain or boat to ireland, do all checks at EU mainland ports, simple
  11. wdah/him

    The NI/ROI Protocol

    New Ireland? 2 questions, how is it new and how o is it afforded. SF once said there will be a united ireland that Britain will pay for, surely that means a United Ireland like what Northern Ireland people are currently used to? So now they say new Ireland when referring to it but not define...
  12. wdah/him

    The most efficient stage for baled silage

    Having been on a few farm walks where cattle were fed only in the morning with quality silage and had enough space to eat at once, grouped to fat score for calving dates. I would think it better to make less of better quality and restrict feed if the facilties allow. The cows didnt seem to...
  13. wdah/him

    Single chop FH 's

    I like the simplicity of the system, chop length would no doubt leave a cow something to cud on.
  14. wdah/him

    Wrapping bales query

    last year here was £9 for 4 layers, Think this year I will be 10.80 for 4 this year layers this year, looking like double wrap 6 layers will be £12 for me with as standard unless big crop and bale numbers. Subject to change but mostly doing smaller bale numbers and reduced fertilizer I'm...
  15. wdah/him

    Wrapping bales query

    He was just lost for words. I cant wrap for that price
  16. wdah/him

    Moral of the story....

    would there be any adjustment on the tensioner motor end of things, had a deutz mp130 other than adjusting the brake on the net there was a steel bracket at the net belt that could be adjusted to help tighten the belt up but i dont see that in your picture so must have changed
  17. wdah/him

    Valmet lost No3 powershift

    @Spotty Dog did you get sorted was it a solenoid. Having issues here with ours won't move in delta 1 but will in delt a 2 and 3 but just the same speed. Thinking that one solenoid is for 1 and the other for 2 with both being for 3, given that without power there is no gears. I have 2 new...
  18. wdah/him

    Bale wrap prices ?

    silowrap is 78 with visqueen 72
  19. wdah/him

    What’s your gym routine?

    Currently not doing anything. Hurt/caught,trapped don't really know what to my ulnar nerve and don't trust my left hand to do weights without dropping them. It can't handle screws or any sort of tool so gym would be out unless for the view and a catch op wuth the pt, miss going as it clears the...
  20. wdah/him

    Krone mower bed problems

    Think it was dungannon bearings. Read somewhere that the rings can be made of piano wire 2mm or something