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  1. Jimbo

    Grimme cs 150 or scanstone 4 Webber destoner

    Currently running an older Grimme comi web chain driven machine and looking at a changing to a newer belt driven machine . At the moment I’m looking at either a Grimme cs 150 with 6-7 rows of vari stars then 36 mm web and also a scanstone 4 Webber with 37,37,37,32 mm webs. Will be working in...
  2. Jimbo

    Jcb 8080 digger engine oil ?

    My new to me Jcb 8080 digger arrived today . I’m unsure of when it was last serviced and it didn’t come with a service manual . Just checking what engine oil I should be using as will drop the oil and filers ? Anything else i should be doing maintenance wise as don’t know the history ? cheers .
  3. Jimbo

    Polaris ranger 4wd not working

    Discovered today in a wet hole that the 4wd not kicking in ?? Just wondered where I should be looking first to see what’s up with it . It’s a 2011 900 diesel !
  4. Jimbo

    Sprayer pump oil leak

    Had milky oil in my bertolini 6 cylinder diaphragm pump so I stripped it down and cleaned out pump and replaced all the diaphrams and o rings and put back together and topped back up with new oil . All working fine now but I seem to have a slight oil leak around pto shaft end of pump . Would I...
  5. Jimbo

    1200 kg weight box

    Looking for a new or newish 1200 kg ish front weight box with some storage for tools ect delivered to fife .
  6. Jimbo

    Front weight box

    So I’m thinking of making a front weight box for front linkage . Rather than buy the plan is to make a box out of 10 mm steel and put my old fiat and ford weights in on their flat (900 kg of then ) have a partition in for tools and plough points ect With a nice lid . Whole box would weigh...
  7. Jimbo

    Arag bravo 180 s spray controller

    Got a new to me sprayer coming with the above controller (non section control ) Want to be able to move between tractors so was wondering if I could hook it up to my Trimble 750 to get a speed input rather than shaft sensors ect ? Or would I need a separate arag dome ?
  8. Jimbo

    Staff car reimbursement

    So during the current times staff have been using there own cars to travel to and from contracting jobs . Just wondered what others have been paying there staff per mile ? Cheers
  9. Jimbo

    Newholland intelisteer

    Being new to the world of auto steer I have completed my first two days of drilling with it and have to say it is fantastic so far . Only problem I seem to have is entering in at the beginning of the run it takes a wiggle to its self then is spot on . Just wondered if I need to be adjusting some...
  10. Jimbo

    Question for kv geospread users

    Had kv guy out today to get us set up and familiarise our selfs with our new spreader . Quite a lot to process but got most points covered . I forgot to ask if say we need to narrow spread pattern in a bit after over trays which way do we go on the alphabet scale ? Feel free to add any other...
  11. Jimbo

    Adblue pump kit .

    Just wondered if Anyone can suggest a good 230v adblue despensing kit . Would need to fit on a 200 ltr barrel and have at least 4 m of hose and auto trigger .
  12. Jimbo

    New Holland 18.4/42 , 16.9/28 wheels and tyres

    Looking for a good set of the above wheels and tyres for a new Holland t7 swb the metric size is 460 or 480/85/42 and 420/85/28 Would consider just the rears if that’s available
  13. Jimbo

    Terex/ Matbro parts

    Needing a exhaust silencer for a terex t200 . Where’s best place to locate one of these ?
  14. Jimbo

    Resetting welder 220 bale count

    Have filled up all the 20 slots in the box again and have forgotten how to do it again . Have tried pressing +\- buttons together but it hasn’t worked . Just wondered if I need to do something else ? . Control box is a bale command 3
  15. Jimbo

    Grain moisture meters

    On my to do list this year at lamma was to looks at grain moisture meters . Currently have an aging Wile and spaldings grinder one for testing grain into store and off dryer . Was looking for something a bit more accurate . Quite fancy one of those whole grain testers that also do grain weight...
  16. Jimbo

    Pin and cone to euro adapter plate

    Hi all . Looking for a price for a pin and cone adapter plate to fit on a matbro / terex forklift that can take euro attachment from my loader . Would want a price for delivery to ky15 ( fife ) Cheers jimbo .
  17. Jimbo

    Milwaukee impact wrench

    Thinking of buying a 18 v battery impact wrench . Been looking at mid/high torque wrenches . Would be used for removing tractor / trailer ect wheel nuts , replacing plough metal , changing hedge cutter flails ect . Just wondered if mid torque would be man enough or would need the high torque ...
  18. Jimbo

    Farm sale at Redhill Inverness

    was just wondering what the mf combine and claas baler made at the sale yesterday ?
  19. Jimbo

    Malt spring barley variety’s

    have been growing concerto for a few years now and never had any real issues ect ! Thinking there are higher yielding variety’s now so was kind of thinking about trying some laureate . But today was told it does brackle which can be an issue on our more exposed fields . Just wondered how it...
  20. Jimbo

    Torque wrench

    looking for a good 3/4 torque wrench for tightening up my tractor wheels ! Just wondered what others are using and best place to buy online ?