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  1. Spotty Dog

    Used diesel engine supplier.

    Gold Bond Marine ! Advert in FW this morning.
  2. Spotty Dog

    Used diesel engine supplier.

    Why? Too expensive ?
  3. Spotty Dog

    Used diesel engine supplier.

    There was a business doing the same thing in the same premises earlier this year but under a completely different name, thats the one i'm looking for.
  4. Spotty Dog

    Used diesel engine supplier.

    Does anyone know the name of the business in Manby Lincolnshire that sells used generators, engines etc.. They used to be called Winchester Marine then the name changed but i cant remember it. They operate out of old airfield Hangers.
  5. Spotty Dog

    Valmet lost No3 powershift

    No, not sorted yet. Took alternator to be tested incase it had intermittent fault causing occasional loss of power to solenoids but it is fine and I haven't done anything else to it yet.
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    Thanks but out of my price range.
  8. Spotty Dog


    Looking for an Avadex applicator, preferably Horstine , not an old pneumatic fert spreader thanks.
  9. Spotty Dog

    Ad Blue deletes on New Hollands

    Does one drain the adblue from the tank or leave it in when doing an adblue delete ?
  10. Spotty Dog

    Side shift for telehandler

    Often used ones at Euroauctions at Leeds.
  11. Spotty Dog

    Tractor looks

    Noisiest cab in the world too, i used to own one.
  12. Spotty Dog

    Claas Ares 656 RZ linkage not working

    Muguard (fender) buttons are a common problem that cause this type of fault.
  13. Spotty Dog

    Bourgault duck foot sweeps

    Done, thankyou.
  14. Spotty Dog

    Bourgault duck foot sweeps

    I'm running a Horsch Terrano with Bourgault 7 inch wide duckfoot points but i am only getting around 70 acres before they are worn out. They are made by Blue Armour. Is there a similar point available but with tungsten grafted on to make them last longer ?
  15. Spotty Dog

    Manitou 630 starting problems

    I disconnected the seat switch on mine and it still does this sometimes ! But it does start with no one on the seat at least.
  16. Spotty Dog

    Horsch Terrano FX

    Good machine makes a seedbed suitable for a Vaderstad rapid in one pass on most of my land , i am on light sandy loam. This is my first year with it though.
  17. Spotty Dog

    NH CX windscreen replacement cost?

    My previous TX64 had a crack in the screen starting at the bottom right hand side and going upwards. Its never grew more than about 6 inches long over the next few years so i just left it alone.
  18. Spotty Dog

    Attaching PTO shaft.

    Pro tip: spit on it and push harder ;)
  19. Spotty Dog

    Bucket brush - any good ?

    They are brilliant, just buy one.
  20. Spotty Dog

    TX36 problem

    Sorted, changed oil and pressure filter.