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  1. Shutesy

    Carrier 22ft Double grain elevator

    22ft Carrier double grain elevator. Not been used for a number of years, has cups on the old belts but would need new belts. Gearbox and bearings all turn nicely. No electric motor included. £200 + VAT
  2. Shutesy

    Claas Electric sideknife

    Claas electric sideknife off a C series header from a Dominator 98 or Lexion 405, could probably be made to fit various headers, we often use our current one on peas and beans as well as OSR. All turns freely by hand. No cables included. £100+vat ono Contact via PM please. Collection or I can...
  3. Shutesy

    Claas header skid plates

    2 brand new Claas skid plates from a C540 MY2010 Claas header. Checked the part no. with Claas and new they are £268 each. Also 4 auger flight extensions from the same header. £175+vat each for the skid plates and £25+vat for the 4 flight extensions. Contact via PM please. I can sort pallet...
  4. Shutesy

    2nd hand Quadbike for an arable farm

    One machine we don't have on the farm but often keep thinking would be quite useful at times is a quadbike. I can't justify a new one but it would be a useful tool to have about the place so thinking of a 2nd hand one. Where would be the best place to have a look at a selection of 2nd hand...
  5. Shutesy

    Pea and Bean Weevil 2019

    Been back through some past threads on this to try and find some wisdom on these critters. I understand how they work with the adults notching leaves and then the larvae burrowing underground and feeding on the root nodules. Have sprayed in previous years on S. Beans which have grown away...
  6. Shutesy

    Liquid fert in Gatekeeper

    For the Gatekeeper users out there what's the easiest way of inputing liquid fert into the program? I will be applying it in L per ha so the storage is also in L but the invoice is in tons with a price per ton. I have for now converted the tons to L using the SG of 1.26 and then divided the...
  7. Shutesy

    Help choosing the right fert nozzle!

    Trying out liquid fert this year alongside our usual solid. Got a spare space on my rotating nozzle holders on the sprayer so going to go with the fert nozzle route rather than dribble bars. Having read just about every thread on here I've decided to go with Hardi Quintastreams which seem to be...
  8. Shutesy

    Whats up with my W Barley??

    Few pale/yellowing patches appearing on the outside headland on 2 of my fields of KWS Orwell barley, some sort of semi circular, some more triangular. Sown approx 3/10/18, pre-em was 2-3 days later, nothing applied since. Previous crop was wheat that was chopped, field was disced and pressed...
  9. Shutesy

    What spring break crop to grow

    Part of our rotation is spring cropping with half of that being spring barley (70 acres) and the other half up till now was spring beans (same 70 acres). Not been to thrilled with spring beans the past few years admittedly conditions have been a bit dry here to get decent crops in the last 2...
  10. S

    My husband killed himself while I slept - Continue the discussion about mental health

    Very sad. I see theyve asked for donations for the DPJ Foundation which is a mental health charity named after a guy around here who committed suicide too. Its a worthy cause, mental health is a very nebulous thing in a lot of circumstances and its something that I honestly think could happen...
  11. Shutesy

    Grain Butler Hire

    Does anybody on here know of where I could hire a grain butler for a day, whether from a company or a fellow farmer? Based in Essex.
  12. Shutesy

    To go spraying or not?

    Wind over the last few days has been strong and relentless, no chance of any spraying even early morning or evening. T2's are desperate to go on. This afternoon the wind has dropped enough to have a go but now I'm worried about temperatures. Its pretty dry here(last rain 12 days ago 10mm), wheat...
  13. Shutesy

    Adding OM back to the soil

    I want to add some OM back into our soils across the farm. We chop pretty much all crop residues back onto the stubbles apart from the occasional few acres of baling the neighbor might do some years. Quite often when drilling on our more difficult fields, unless conditions are absolutely ideal...
  14. Shutesy

    Cleaning Pendimethalin stains off a sprayer boom?

    My sprayer booms have got a nice yellow tinge to them since autumn herbicide spraying, having done a bit of research it seems I should have sprayed them with something like a oil/diesel mix before spraying to then wash off when I'm done but it's a bit late now. Has anyone found anything that...
  15. Shutesy

    New Website/Portal from YARA

    Got sent this yesterday, a smart looking new website from YARA. Take a look and see what you think. Still in Beta mode so there may be the odd bug etc.
  16. Shutesy

    DD/Strip-till and wet weather

    Last 2 autumns have been almost ideal for DD/S-T establishment weather wise making life seem quite simple especially as it's been our first 2 years at it. However this year is proving to be a bit different so far (fingers crossed for a late Indian summer!) We had a reasonable amount of rain...
  17. Shutesy

    Vicon iXter Mounted sprayers

    Looking in detail at changing our sprayer to a Vicon B18 iXter that we have seen for sale. Have seen a few threads on here that Vicon sprayers have been mentioned on, was just wondering if there are many Vicon sprayer owners/operators out there, how are the sprayers running after a few years...
  18. Shutesy

    Pre-em Timing

    Got 70ac of wheat drilled weds and yesterday and all rolled now as well, its pretty dry on top but enough moisture an inch down to get the wheat germinated. Forecast dry and sunny tomorrow, heavy showers Saturday, dry and sunny Sunday. Do i put the pre-em on tomorrow and hope the showers on Sat...
  19. Shutesy

    Belepi or Mulika?

    Considering dropping a standard early October sown 2nd wheat (feed) for a spring wheat. Have read threads on here about both Belepi and Mulika (Tybalt another option??). Bit unsure which to go with if we did go down this route? Would be looking to drill in the spring to allow some Blackgrass...
  20. Shutesy

    Sprayers: Mounted vs Trailed!

    So it’s been at least a few weeks since we had a ‘which sprayer’ thread on here so I thought I would put some of my bank holiday evening thoughts on our sprayer situation to you all to see what ideas you all have. Still in early thoughts stages currently but thinking of possibly changing our JD...