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  1. Dave b

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    They told me £740 late this afternoon
  2. Dave b

    What Fertilizer spreader ?

    Kuhn Axis 40.2 H-EMC thru isobus works brilliantly
  3. Dave b

    Urea in the seedbed for spring barley

    I’ve put half of total urea in with the drill no problem
  4. Dave b

    Grain bin costs?

    I’ve been trying to find the quote on my emails but I’ll have another go. My quote was for 2 drying floors and intake and loading system. From memory the actual bin prices were ok it’s all the extra stuff which puts the costs up
  5. Dave b

    Grain bin costs?

    I had a quote from Perry of Oakley for around 600t last year (3 bins) and it was around 140k. So I stuck to a shed!
  6. Dave b

    What new feed wheat?

    Olympus from Pearce Seeds, great disease resistance and lots of straw
  7. Dave b

    Accord/Vicon Drill

    Has any one converted a standard 4 m vicon/accord air drill with Suffolk coulters to a tine drill??
  8. Dave b

    Roller shutter door prices

    16 x 16 fitted £2880.00 three phase recently quoted to me
  9. Dave b

    Air line reel

    My retractable air line reel has seen better days, what’s the best ones out there and ones to avoid!!
  10. Dave b

    Problem with vaderstad drill

    Check the low lift
  11. Dave b

    Kuhn Axis 30.1

    Yes it is, thought It was taken off the listings
  12. Dave b

    Kelly chainharrow, how does it work ?

    Weaving machinery had a few in their yard. Maybe worth giving them a call
  13. Dave b

    Have your, strip drilled (Claydon /Mzuri etc), Zero tilled (JD 750A/Horsch Avatar etc) germinated more evenly than ???

    Thanks it had a slight scratch with the carrier just before drilling as there wasn’t enough tilth to get around the strips with drilling alone.
  14. Dave b

    Fibrophos/tiger fert V artificial fert

    Has anyone spread tiger fert 0.12.12 over 12 m successfully? My contractor seems unsure about it either that or he wants to keep doing fibrphos!
  15. Dave b

    Gleam and Skyscraper wheat

    Gleam for the second year here very happy
  16. Dave b

    Strip till Maize

    I did mine last year and it was great. Just drop the coulter pressure to 50-60 and no faster than 10k. Set gps at 3.33m if you’re on a 3m drill. Don’t drill too early
  17. Dave b

    Wheat Straw

    160 quadrant wheat straw bales for sale just off 303 in Somerset.