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  1. BuskhillFarm

    Uses for a brick barn?

    No fortune in it where I am, but it works ok with farm and looking after my boys. And more importantly at the minute no big overheads.
  2. BuskhillFarm

    Uses for a brick barn?

    You would need to look at prices in your own area, we are only £6 going up to £7 per day. Fully booked from June. But quiet in winter. You’ll not make a fortune but helps as a bit of diversification. Near a big city could be double or treble this rate but odd be empty if it went up much more
  3. BuskhillFarm

    Uses for a brick barn?

    I’ve something similar converted to a Cattery. I’m 10 miles from anywhere albeit beside a main road and booked out all summer
  4. BuskhillFarm

    Going hourly rate for 150 hp tractor

    IMO I wouldn’t do any contracting work. I’d dare say the BIG contractors are only making a few grand a year per tractor, and that adds up with 10-20 machines out. I always worked on the basis of you earn a £1 for an acre you own, you do need 3 acres rented for the same return and to be doing at...
  5. BuskhillFarm

    Rollover cover Northern Ireland

    Has anyone got a roll over cover made up for a trailer in N Ireland. Harsh and Covertech I’ve found in England are reasonable but postage is astronomical. I know Cunningham and couple others do the sheets but I need arch’s made up too and can’t seem to find anywhere that does the complete kit...
  6. BuskhillFarm

    Roller Shutter Door Cost

    I’ve one bought. Supply and fit. With remotes. Galvanised finish @£2000
  7. BuskhillFarm

    What Fertilizer spreader ?

    Tulip Centerliner. As simple as they get and idiot proof? I like mine, I’m sure there are more accurate out there for boundary settings but in the field they certainly don’t strip
  8. BuskhillFarm

    Loading Cattle How Easy Is It For You?

    As said load from a race or small pen. Don’t have tail board shiny. Also wind traffic noise affects/scares them if your on a windy site or near a busy road
  9. BuskhillFarm

    Road runs and pollution

    Little to worry about. I honestly wish I was at your stage of life if that’s your main cause of concern
  10. BuskhillFarm

    Basic front linkage

    Price around I got one £1750 for zuiderburg same one at farmhand was £2500 and lynx was more iirc. Took about an hour or less to fit linkage and same time fitting pipes nicely. Very easy to do yourself.
  11. BuskhillFarm

    No War On Plastic?

    There’s planning for an incinerator in Belfast, bloody greenies keep blocking it
  12. BuskhillFarm

    Do you enjoy farming?

    Love farming. Never happier than when I’m in tractor and no one near me. It’s all the social media bulls**t that ruins a lot these days. Worrying about what everyone else is as. As long as the figures stack up I’ll be at it
  13. BuskhillFarm

    Small scale grain dryer needed

    Mobile opico batch dryer? Not too expensive for an old one, even if it’s worn should do that in 3-4 loads
  14. BuskhillFarm

    Derv doctor increase possibility

    You’ll not regret it. Posted mine to him. Just software Rs don’t need blanking plate. Runs much cooler. Wasn’t worried about power but it’s nice to have the little extra
  15. BuskhillFarm

    Anyone have a straw bale burner heating system / electric producing thing?

    Thanks. I’d have to get someone to install it all as tbh I wouldn’t have a clue what I’m at. But thanks anyhow.
  16. BuskhillFarm

    Anyone have a straw bale burner heating system / electric producing thing?

    How much if you don’t mind me asking did a system like this cost? All I can find have been for huge commercial type systems with prices to match.
  17. BuskhillFarm

    Simba 3 metre xpress with or without ST bar

    Ellis machinery or amatec have a few
  18. BuskhillFarm

    John Deere 6830

    Try derv doctor think he does injectors at more sensible momey
  19. BuskhillFarm

    Which manufacturer 1st to stop ALL supply to Russia

    Should they do the same to the UK and the USA for their Middle East wars?
  20. BuskhillFarm

    Fuel line sizes for 6030 tractors

    I think they were 6mm. If in doubt take one off and take it with you. Iirc there could be a 4mm listed too