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  1. dug

    OSR... Swathed or direct cut?

    Is any OSR picked up out of the swath in UK or Europe ? Never seen any pictures of pickups there but wondering how the risk of a standing ripe crop being threshed by the wind is managed.
  2. dug

    Cr new Hollands in uk conditions

    I am posting from nz and was wanting to hear how the likes of the cr 8080 or 9080 were performing in your kind of crops. How would they compare to say a case ih 7120 and also is the straw quality really that much better than the single rotors?
  3. dug

    Nh cx 8000 queries

    How are the later model cx's going in heavy cereals? Do they have reasonable capacity compared to the rotaries, and at an acceptable grain loss on straw. How do they do on maize?